I tested the Guard and it is impressive. It throws very well, easily out to 60 meters, with more than adequate spill. The Guard is well made and feels solid. Because of the extra aluminum used it copes better with the heat generated than some other pocket rockets. I like that it is very stable when tail-standing and that the tint is towards the neutral side. It  took me some time to get used to the UI only because it is different from anything I have used before. I like different! This little "tool" will see a lot of action! Jaco van Wyk, Mooinooi

I recieved my order yesterday, thank you for the prompt service! Very impressed with the little torches, exceeded my expectations. Deon Willemse, Heidelberg

The Guard is a really cute little torch which I bought for my wife to put in her handbag for emergency use. However, when the time came to hand it over I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms and could not get my arm to function properly. As a voracious reader I took solace from Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: “It is a far, far better thing that I do than I have ever done” and put the torch in her handbag. Tony Newell, Johannesburg

Just a quick mail to thank you for my latest purchase. People will have different views but the SP10A Guard is my favourite! It's an awesome light for its size – I get a throw of well over 30 metres! Perfect, powerful, and small enough to keep in your pocket when you go out at night. André van Wyk, Port Elizabeth

I love my little "Security Guard". I was shocked at the strength of the beam and feel it will serve me well when I am out and about on my own. My husband said I should use the strobe if I feel threatened, which is a rather good idea!! Marg Haagman, Walkerville

The little SP10A Guard is very nice for bumbling around at night without blinding myself. My only issue is with the side button, which takes me some time to find – I would have preferred a switch on the bottom. I keep this torch next to my bed, although I think my grandson has his eye on it. Ian Smith, Shelly Beach

The Sofirn Guard was the first the torch in the Sword bundle that I tried and it blew me away. It easily lights up the bottom corners of my garden, about 35 meters away, which my 20 watt LED spotlights can’t reach – and this from a torch about the size of my middle finger. Also note that my three-year-old had no problem working it. Andrew Wiggett, Sandton

I am very aware of internet fraud, so I was hesitant to pop my credit card details onto a site that I was unfamiliar with. But the little SP10A was what I was looking for, so I decided to take a chance. Virtually within minutes of ordering the torch on Torchguy.Com I had an email from Mark, which put me at ease. He followed this up with excellent service and advice. And then the delivery happened faster than I thought it would. Mark tested the torch before he couriered it, and I received it in good order with an extra set of instructions from Mark. The service didn’t stop there – he followed up on the delivery and was very keen to know my impressions of the SP10A. I am glad I purchased this torch, and Mark has made the whole experience so worthwhile that I am contemplating buying another torch from him. Gareth Owen, Johannesburg

I got to test the SP10A last night. I was very impressed, and that's only with a AA battery – I understand it performs even better with a lithium ion. I have a very large ******* LED rechargeable, and obviously it's very powerful, but last night the little SP10A held up admirably – I ended up walking around with it in my pocket the whole night, LOL!!! I'm very impressed with this little torch. It matches my *** ****** at medium power, but really outshines it at full power, plus it has the various power levels and strobe which the ****** does not have, and the SP10A costs less! Gareth Owen, Johannesburg

I have placed my copies of the little Sofirn Guard in strategic places like the cubby of my wife’s car and my camera bag. I was up in Zimbabwe in '92 at the Chinoyi Caves with my family, on the last self-touring party of the day, when the lights were turned off! My whole family including my folks were in the deepest, most distant part of the cave when it happened! None of us had a torch or light, and it took four hours of crawling, holding hands to stay together and using my mom’s BIC lighter as our only source of light, before we got out. Never again – now the Guard is in the accessories pocket of my camera bag. Thanks once again for the great products and excellent service Mark. Burton Saunders, Glenvista Ext 5

I have played with and tested the little Guard, and I like it a lot! I have many torches of varying sizes and ages, but this is my first compact unit with a side-switch - and it works a lot better for me than a tailcap switch. I find the unit to be very well made and the output is great for its size. Kind regards and thanks for the friendly and comprehensive service! Andries Visagie, Sasolburg

You were right, the build quality is outstanding on this little oukie. The quality ‘feel’ is way beyond its price point – its a great little light for general use and the tint, wow, I thought the D10 headlamp was nice, but this one is even better. I love the user interface, especially the double click for turbo. Fantastic value for money, Mark, I’m so glad you introduced me to Sofirn. José Murta, Kempton Park

I just want to send you my review on the Sword bundle. The SP31T Blade is fantastic - the amount of light that comes from that torch is amazing. My wife likes the SP31ii Hilt a lot. She is also amazed by the amount of light it generates. I use the small SP10A Guard on a daily basis - it fits in your hand just right. Thanks for the excellent service that you provide. I will definitely refer some customers to you. Chris Meyer, Honeydew

I got my Sofirn SP10S Guard free as part of a three-torch bundle that Torchguy put together for me. Given that this torch was the baby of the three I was not expecting much. I mean, what can you expect from a freebie? I could not have been more wrong! This is dynamite in a small package – you really don't expect such a huge bolt of light from a little tube you can hide in the palm of your hand! Of the three lights that I bought this will be my daily go-to. Beautifully made, robust and sleek, you will want to carry it everywhere with you. Highly recommended! I'm going to get a couple more for my family. Keith Scott, Cape Town

I had to borrow the SP10S Guard for this review because it now resides on my daughter’s bedside table. When she goes back to school it'll be kept in her daily bag – she says this lipstick sized torch is a perfect fit! Unfortunately, while it's certainly small enough to ensure that one always has a torch available, it disappears in my hand and my clumsy fingers battle to find the side switch quickly. Except in turbo mode, the light is a bit less than I need for moving around the smallholding at night, but I can recall at least one backpacking trip that went wrong, battling down a mountain as the batteries in my old-school torch expired, when the Guard's ‘moonlight’ facility would have made all the difference. Gary Cundill, Wilderness

My tiny SP10S Guard gives a light that beats any torch I've had, and for those loo visits in the night it's more than adequate. Thank you for the assistance in making the correct choice. Lynda Erasmus, Boksburg