I have been getting very good use out of my BLF LT1 Beacon lantern up here in the DRC. I don't have a bedside light and it's an absolute mission to get one so I have been using my LT1 which has been performing exceptionally well. Brent Bowker, DRC

I've received my new BLF LT1 Beacon lantern and I'm VERY happy. The distribution of light reminds me of a surround-sound HiFi, and the light itself is like comfort food – meat, rice, potatoes and pumpkin! I managed to turn off the backlight in the button with no problem (seven clicks) and I'm looking forward to using this light for many years to come. Thank you for all the comfort you have brought into my life with your torches. Hein Olivier, Port Elizabeth

I bought the Sofirn Beacon for three reasons – for weekends away, for home use when the inevitable load shedding returns and to have a non-electrical light on in the home for security at night. So far, during lockdown, I have only used it as a security light at night. But, it is great – long lasting, economical and it has many light options. I particularly like the soft romantic dim light at night – it could take the place of candles! A good buy. Sarah Howard, Camps Bay

I have not been on my camping trip yet due to the lockdown but this evening I did a dummy run with the Beacon lantern in the lounge just to see if what I expected was what I received... and guess what? With the lights out and lantern on the table I know I will have ample light for my braai or evening campfire conversations! The dimmer settings are a bonus for the quiet restful times of just listening to the sounds of the wild. Lynda Erasmus, Boksburg

When Mark listed the famous BLF LT1 lantern I grabbed the opportunity to get one. This lantern has been designed by enthusiasts from the Budget Light Forum community – it’s a premium product and the build, fit and finish definitely reflect this, with a slew of customisable features. The colour temperature of the light can be seamlessly adjusted anywhere between cool and warm white by varying the output of the two sets of LEDs, while brightness can also be infinitely adjusted to the user's preference via the single control button. This lantern is the brightest I've come across and far superior to anything on offer from local outlets. If you are in the market for a premium lantern this should be at the top of your list. @Mark thank you for adding the BLF LT1 to you product lineup and making it available in SA! Maans Kaalsen, Bryanston

Regarding the BLF-LT1 lamps, I must tell you that they are absolutely brilliant. I have just used them on a four-day camping trip and they still have lots of power in the batteries – probably get another three days out of them. The light they give is more than adequate and, as they are a warm white light, they do not attract insects. They are also heavy enough to sit solidly on a table. Initially I thought of purchasing a tripod to use as a stand but this is not necessary. But please supply them with the carry cover. A fantastic lamp – worth every cent. Tim Pentz, Tokai, Cape Town

The BLF LT1 is hands down the best lantern on the market. It has the perfect balance between lumen output and battery life. The build quality is impeccable and this lantern will by far out perform the lucky-packet lanterns from your local hardware store. This will definitely be the last lantern I will ever need... until the BLF LT2 comes along.... Brent Bowker, DRC

I am back from the KNP and what a gem the BLF LT1 Beacon turned out to be. As lady luck would have it we had a power outage on our first night in Satara for a short while and the Beacon was a life saver! It is a wonderful piece of intelligent engineering – very versatile and easy to master. It offers an amazing choice of different light outputs and the batteries easily lasted the three nights we were there (a few hours each night). The Beacon is highly recommended as a must-have lamp. Well done Mark for procuring it! Peter Mincher, Woodmead, Jhb

This lantern is absolutely great. Once you understand the commands from OFF and ON it's a cinch. I have one complaint to myself – I lost the yellow O-ring on the first day. It's definitely going to get lost if you don’t glue it on straight away. Your notes are ten times easier to understand than the manufacturer's instructions. Great product! Bryan Bartley, Mouille Point, CT