This category includes torches with ANSI beam distances of more than 500 metres and real-world throws of more than 150 metres. To understand the difference please see my FAQ here, where you will also see why lumens have very little to do with beam distance, and why beam profile and colour have a lot to do with how much you actually see.

These torches are just what you need for game-watching and hunting, professional security and neighbourhood watch patrols. I also stock the extraordinary B158 Bullseye which has an adjustable beam so it offers both flood and throw with a twist of the wrist, together with a wide range of specialist modules and accessories for hunters and game-watchers.

Please click on the pictures below for photos, details, prices and a link to customer reviews. You're free to add these torches to your cart right here and now for immediate despatch, or drop me a line so we can discuss a 10% discount.