World-Class Rechargeable LED Torches, Headlamps and Lanterns...

Nobody gives more bang for your buck!

My name is Mark, and I'm in Somerset West, Cape Town.

Back in 2013 I couldn't find anyone in South Africa selling world-class LED flashlights with immediate delivery and full warranty support at overseas prices – so I did it myself!

If you want a powerful and reliable torch, headlamp or lantern, for work or play, at the best possible price, with the shortest delay and the best service, you've come to the right place!

What makes me different is that I don't sell through retailers, so I don't have to build their mark-ups into my prices – you get wholesale prices and you deal with me, not someone who doesn't know or care about torches.

My website is designed to reward exploration – please click on menu items, photos and links. You'll find hundreds of customer reviews linked on the product pages (click on the photos here) and you can see general reviews here.

Note that I offer great discounts if you pay by EFT into our account to avoid the commission I have to pay if you check-out from this website – just let me know (at what you're interested in and I'll email you an invoice.

Finally, I've been told my FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Pick-a-Beam article are two of the best flashlight resources on the web – it really is worth checking them out to help you make an informed decision.