Buy from me, or from overseas?

My business is all about getting world-class torches to you without the hassle or risk of importing them yourself. 

You might be able to order my torches from overseas online stores that don't carry stock (or know anything about torches) but their prices don't include customs charges; they may not be able to send batteries with your torch; and their "free" delivery could take months – if it arrives at all (it's usually sent through the train-wreck of our Post Office!)

Also, if you have a problem with your torch, you're expected to send it back to the factory in China at your expense, which will take months and cost more than you paid for your torch – so you're basically gambling that your torch won't give trouble so you can save a few bucks. Maybe.

But you don't have to. I stock the torches I sell so I've already jumped through the hoops, I pre-test every single one before I sell it, and in the highly unlikely event you have a problem I facilitate full warranty support from the factory.

Save time and money

You can buy anything on my website by following the checkout procedure and I'll send it off to you the next weekday (I don't take weekends off, but the couriers do). Note that I don't despatch on a Friday because parcels just spend the weekend sitting in the courier's warehouse, asking for trouble!

When you checkout from my online store your payment is received by a "pay portal" that charges me a commission, but if you pay by EFT direct to my bank account I'll give this back to you as a 10% discount – drop me a line ( and I’ll email you an invoice with the discount and my banking details.

I despatch goods when payment clears to my account (I don't work on "proof of payment") which is immediate with EFTs from Nedbank but can take a day or two from other banks, unless you pay for instant clearance. When we despatch your order, I'll email you a tracking number along with some hints and tips on the operation of your new torch. 


(Not) coming to a store near you


Most brick-and-mortar stores demand a 100% markup (or more!) so they can pay their rent, salaries and other costs. If you want to handle a product before you buy, it basically costs you twice as much! 

Even if you buy online from a South African importer who supplies local retailers you will pay the higher price because he can't undercut his re-sellers.

But I don't work that way. I import all of my torches direct from the factory and sell direct to end-users, so my customers get world-class torches at wholesale prices with snappy delivery and full after-sales support.

Mrs Torchguy and I work from home and don't employ anyone, so we keep our overheads really low and we're able to give you the best prices possible! 


Getting your torch to you


When you checkout from my website you're given a choice between courier delivery or collection from our home in Somerset West. I also work with PUDO (Pick Up, Drop Off) which has hundreds of secure lockers scattered around the country and with PARGO who deliver to shops where you can collect your torch, if delivery to your home or office is not practical.

I'll pay the courier if your order comes to R2,000 or more before normal discount, otherwise I charge a flat rate of R120. Torches are generally delivered to major centres within two or three weekdays, a day or two longer to smaller towns, and up to a week to remote areas.

BTW, I import my beautiful torches in the cheapest boxes available so you don't have to pay for a crappy presentation case you'll never use (the extra weight and volume make a big difference to the price). I've seen nice padded aluminium tool boxes at Builders Warehouse if you want a carry-case that's worth owning.

Also note that our Customs Department are not exactly... gentle... when they inspect goods, so the product boxes are sometimes damaged. However this is no reflection on the contents, which we carefully inspect before despatch.


But what if. . .

If your torch fails within 18 months just courier it back to me and, if I can't fix it myself, I'll negotiate with the factory to get a replacement part or new torch for you. If that model is no longer available I'll offer you a new one at cost. If your torch gives trouble after the warranty has expired I'll give you a special discount on a new one.

For more information on the "landmines" that can affect warranty claims, please see here.

If you want to return a new torch for an exchange or refund, please be aware that I NEVER re-sell torches that have been returned as "new", even if they're in mint condition (so you can be sure that when I sell you a "new" torch it really is NEW!) 

Instead I re-sell returns as "demo" models at 30% off (or less, if they're not in perfect condition) so this is the most I can refund. Unfortunately I can't refund the cost of batteries or courier delivery, which are consumables.

If you'd like more information about anything, please feel free to drop me a line at