I'm often asked "where is your shop?" and "what happens if I don't like the torch?" This short list aims to answer these and other common questions.

1. Torchguy.Com is an online store – we don't have a shop, staff or demo torches (our prices would be a LOT higher if we did). Mrs Torchguy and I work from our home in Cape Town from where we courier our products to customers all over South Africa, as we have done since early 2013.

2. We're not set up for drop-in visitors – our torches are stored in a safe place and we test them all before despatch, which takes time. I do hand over pre-ordered torches to visitors if they ask, but only by arrangement and with lots of warning. Please DON'T drop in!

3. When you buy a torch off this website we're charged a commission, but if you pay by EFT into our account I'll give it back to you in the form of a discount – just let me know and I'll email you an invoice with our banking details. We despatch orders when EFTs clear to our account, not on PoPs.

4. We despatch parcels from Monday to Thursday. Delivery within the greater Cape Town area is usually next day, other cities take 2-4 weekdays, and outlying areas up to a week. We charge R120 for courier delivery but it's free on orders of R2,000 or more. We can arrange overnight delivery to major centres but it costs more.

5. You have the legal right to return a torch, but we are allowed to levy a reasonable charge if you do. I NEVER sell returned torches as "new", only as "demo units" at 30% off, so this is the most I can refund. It also means you can be sure our torches really are NEW. Batteries and delivery charges are not refundable.

6. I am an accredited agent for all the torches I sell, and they all carry a factory warranty. On the very rare occasions they give problems I always support my customers to the hilt. Nearly all our sales are through repeat sales and referrals by our customers, so our future quite literally depends on your happiness.

7. We don't have working hours – I'm available pretty much whenever I'm awake. However I greatly prefer texts (email or Whatsapp) to voice-calls so I can manage my time better and have a record of our discussions. If I don't answer a call (to 084 537 4818) please call back later or drop me a line (mark@torchguy.com).

8. Please click on the following links if you'd like to know more about me, or about our business. These are the torches I sell, and this is what you need to know before you buy one.