I took my B158 Bullseye on a recent Kruger Park holiday, complete with red and UV modules. One night my host discovered I had the UV module and invited me to go scorpion hunting – and oh, what fun we had! We saw lots of scorpions hiding in the hollows of trees – they react very quickly to the light and disappear as soon as they can, but I did get a photo of one which didn't quite manage it! I was delighted to have this fun experience, especially because I only included the UV module in my packing at the last minute. Sally Klem, PE/Gqeberha

I received my bullseye on Friday, just in time to take with us on a quick weekend camping trip. The quality of the product is top notch and I really like the zoom function. The UV and red emitters are impressive. We cannot wait to find some scorpions! Mark's advice guided me to make the right choice and his service was great. Torchguy is highly recommended. Louis van der Walt, Pretoria

I am blown away by Bullseye. Couldn’t actually believe my eyes how bright it was! I compared to my other (goodish) torch and it’s chalk and cheese. I could light up waaaay down the road. The zoom function is fantastic for spotlighting. Great instruction sheet too. I'm so glad I found you and your fantastic service. Will certainly recommend you to others! Now I just need to get back into the bush… Shirley St Clair-Laing, Cape Town

I am writing this review because of your advice and the quality of the Bullseye torch I bought from you. My son shot his first porcupine with my 223. He was able to execute the perfect shot thanks to the Bullseye with the red module, which was mounted on the rifle. Thanks a mil! Steven and Wernich Daly, Polokwane

First off the service from Mark is amazing, with super quick responses and loaded with all the info you could possibly need. The B158 Bullseye itself is superb. It is the perfect size to fit into your hand comfortably without being too heavy. The brightness of the torch really is something else – I have only tested it in my garden but it illuminated the space incredibly well for such a 'compact' torch. I am off to Kruger this weekend so am looking forward to testing it out there. All in all very very happy with the Bullseye – for the price I don't think you can get a better torch. MJ Strydom, Blairgowrie, Randburg

I recently bought a B158 Bullseye with most of the modules and I just want to say how happy I am with my purchase. The torch does exactly what you claimed on your website, but you could really have used a few more adjectives to describe all the features and qualities of these light sources. Jaco van Niekerk, Somerset West

We are heading up to the Kgalagadi in July so I will be fully test-driving my Bullseye then, but in the limited testing I've been able to do in and around my garden I was super impressed with its performance – so much so that I had no hesitation in recommending it to a friend when we were discussing his upcoming Kruger trip. Thanks for all the assistance and for a great product! Charl van Zyl, Hillcrest

WOW, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL were the three things that ran through mind when I first laid hands and eyes on the B158. The build quality is amazing, from the aluminium body to the machined brass modules, this has to be the best torch I've owned yet. Even the four-channel smart charger is excellent quality with lots of functionality (definitely a must when buying this torch). The quality is amazing…. wait until you try this baby out! We venture into the bush often, especially the Kruger and Kgalagadi national parks. I was looking for a torch for game viewing at night and purchased a fairly well known brand with a red clip-on plastic filter. It's a decent torch, but the red filter seems to tone down the light intensity… in short, it isn't  great for night game viewing. A friend I trust raved about the B158 so I bought one. I waited eagerly for its arrival and spent some time testing it on my smallholding. The results – BRILLIANT! I purchased the safari package which comes with the white, red and ultraviolet modules – can’t wait to try the UV module to search for scorpions at Nossob. The white light range is amazing – at 100m it lit the bush like daylight! When in flood mode (zoomed out) there is no shadow ingress. The red light was amazing – it didn't bother the reed buck and otters, they just went about their usual business. I think what makes the red light amazing is that is actually a red LED module and not a red filter over white light. The torch is pretty robust and, judging by the build quality, it will last a lifetime. The other very impressive aspect of purchasing this gadget was the unbelievable service and advice I got from Mark. I emailed on Saturday night, got a response on Sunday morning at 7:30am, more queries, almost immediate responses. I did an EFT (and got a 10% discount!) on Sunday and received the torch on Thursday. Thanks Mark for all the advice and help. We're off to the Kruger in April and I can't wait to try it out in the bushveld. Buy one and you'll never regret it – if you don't, when you arrive in the bush and someone else has one, your jealousy meter is sure to REDLINE! Sanjay Maharaj, Pietermaritzburg

I recently purchased a B158 Bullseye and it's a great torch – solid, works very well as an everyday light and the zoom is amazing! I've only tested the beam to about 350 meters but will give it a proper workout in the Kruger Park next week. I quite like the square at full zoom, but wouldn't use it directly on game. However I can’t wait to try out the red beam on them! I will certainly talk my park-going and camping mates into getting their own Bullseyes. Thanks for the great service and advice on torches, batteries and chargers, Mark. The Torchguy is the man to go to. Really. Glyn Purdon, Port Alfred

The narrow beam of the Bullseye sure stretches a long way! I've not yet had a chance to test it fully since we postponed our bush trip until the second wave of Covid has passed through. Sakkie Meeuwsen, Noordhoek, Cape Town

I tried out the B158 Bullseye last night after I charged it fully and it was dark. It's impressive in the bush and the zoom does assist to view further in trees with clearer views due to the strong light. The red LED is better than I anticipated and really will works well compared to red filters I have seen before. André Gründlingh, Nelspruit

Have had my eye on the Bullseye Safari Bundle since Mark listed it – I like the idea of swappable modules to change the light according to the application. The bundle comes with the white module and two additional modules (red and UV), all neatly packaged. Fit and finish are on par with premium brands, threads on all opening parts are well made and fit for purpose. The modules are easily accessible and can be swapped out very quickly. The zoom function on the light is easily adjustable but stays in place until adjusted by the user. The lens optics are of high quality so there's very little light lost in maximum zoom. This torch is well worth its price. Maans Kaalsen, Bryanston

Thank you for the B158 Bullseye – it's absolutely amazing. I work in Iraq on a quick reaction force and we make use of our flashlights nightly. I like the size – it's not overly big or too small – and I ordered the different modules as they will definitely come in use for work. I can't wait to use the IR module with our night vision goggles. The red and green module will be great for night-time map reading and I love the five-mode white module with built in SOS function.The ultraviolet light is amazing too – on a quiet night it will be fun looking for scorpions! And I'm really happy with the free rail attachment for my firearm. Thank you once again for a great product and look forward to seeing more of your products for my work environment. GH, Pinetown (and Iraq)

After researching the Torchguy website and talking to Mark I knew I would be buying the B158 Bullseye with most of the optional modules, and I was very happy with the buying experience. However, you can't really know if you're happy with a purchase until you put it through its paces, so when I went to the Kruger I was determined to try it out in every sense of the word. The UV module is pretty cool – it really shows up all kinds of weird things – and I can tell you the Kruger Park cleans their bedding, which is good to know although maybe next time I won't do this test in case I find something! Then we used the Bullseye with the red module to shine up the river while sitting at the Mugg and Bean. We identified hyena and hippo and I kept the people at the restaurant entertained for hours. I lit up the animals for ages and the they didn't flinch – it was awesome! When I tested the torch on a game drive it was also super successful – I was able to whip the torch from side to side and look deep into the bushes, identifying a few genets. Once again the animals were not worried and the white-light spotlights of the vehicles and other guests could not compete. Finally I used the Bullseye with the green module while making a braai so as not to attract a lot of insects, and it worked exactly as expected. I've found the battery life is fairly good, lasting a full game drive of around three hours, and for even longer use I have a second battery so I can flip between the two – it's highly unlikely that one will need more than six hours of pure red light for gaming viewing. I would love another Bullseye – it's just such a cool torch (as they say – boys and their toys!) Graham Pampel, Johannesburg

I have quite a few different torches from you and they are all good. I even have that big boy of over 60,000lm that turns night into day! However, if I could have only have one torch it would be the B158 Bullseye. That torch is just brilliant from a flooder to a thrower. Small and easy to use and carry. With all my different orders over time your service has been top notch, and something we don't know in South Africa anymore. People, if you want quality and absolute best prices you'll find them here on Mark's site. I don't even bother to look at others anymore. Gus de Wet, Pretoria

We had a great trip to Madikwe. Our hosts loved the Bullseye which we gave them, and used it with the red module on every evening game drive. It easily matched the vehicle hand-held torch and is brilliant for game viewing. My own B158 with the white module is incredible and all were really impressed. A great purchase! Paul Bishop, Kloof

I've been using my B158 Bullseye for neighbourhood-watch duties and, while it's a bit larger than the usual tactical torches, I really like the zoom feature so that I can either pinpoint distant areas or flood the immediate vicinity. The lack of a dedicated button for the strobe means it's not so easy to use, but one quickly becomes familiar with the procedure. Then there are the different light modules – the red and UV in particular are great fun to play with. I recently took the torch to Kruger where I did several guided sunset/night drives – the Bullseye easily outperformed the spotlights on the vehicles. Again the ability to adjust the beam from spot to flood meant I could appropriately illuminate both near and distant scenes. While the tint of the LED is neutral/cool white rather than warm, we still had far better results using it for photography than we did with the lights on the vehicle. On my friend’s farm, where animals are more skittish, I had a chance to use the red module which worked wonderfully over a range of distances. All in all I am very pleased, and I'm ordering two more Bullseyes to use on the yacht I work on. I find the narrow beam with very little spill reduces the amount of light reflecting back and affecting my night vision, while the flood is perfect for general deck work at night. I’m a happy camper, and I must add that your level of service is exemplary! Pieter van der Westhuizen, Kommetjie

The Bullseye is versatility at its best. I recently took mine on a trail in the Makuleke Concession (with the red module to increase my eco-friendly creds). The battery lasted more than long enough (my primary concern) and the ability to switch between a floody light when pottering around the camp to a spotlight when on watch was very helpful. And it's reasonably light too. Matt Archer, Sandton

WOW! – that was our first reaction when we went for a drive with our new B158 Bullseyes. It was full moon so we still want to see what it's like on a very dark night. Thomas kept saying that he can see the buck much better with the red module – I must agree that the red lights up the eyes better. Then we compared the red and green torches on a scope and he saw better with the green light – it shows detail better over distance with magnification. We also got very close to a bushbuck – about 30 metres – and it kept on grazing and was not aware of the green or red lights! We are already thinking of getting another torch because if the one is mounted on the scope we will fight over the other!  I don’t think either of us wants to use the two ******* spotlights we have – they are just too weak compared to the Bullseye torches. Amelda and Thomas Barry, Swellendam

We had an oil leak on one of our turbine aircraft operating in the Cape, so we had a local engineer investigate and he told us the leak was in an unusual place but he had confirmed it with a "Black Light". We use Black Light in our industry for crack detection – it’s a cumbersome piece of equipment because you must have mains electricity and it needs 20 minutes to warm up. However, when I whipped out my old 7T40 Wildcat with UV module that we use to find aircon leaks and went oil-leak hunting, I was gobsmacked! It worked just as well as the Black Light! What a revelation – you're never too old to learn! Unfortunately, when we wanted to buy a second Wildcat from Mark I was disappointed to hear that it had been discontinued. Mark suggested the B158 Bullseye as a better alternative, and I must say he painted a pretty picture over the phone with regards to the modules and zooming feature, but when it arrived the picture he painted turned out to be a work of art! I am SO impressed with the Bullseye – the UV module is in a different league when it's coupled with a zooming beam. I feel like a CSI agent with this torch. When looking for an oil leak I adjust the zoom to a flood so I can see the bigger picture, which cuts the investigation time way down, and as soon as I see something suspect I narrow the beam to increase the intensity – I find it's bright enough even outdoors. I honestly believe it’s an essential tool for our industry. Yesterday one of the guys here pulled out a seal and spilled oil all over the floor and himself. He was rather embarrassed but told me not to worry as he had cleaned it all up. "Really, are you sure?" I asked – and then whipped out my Bullseye and pointed out the oily footprints he had left all over the hangar floor! We had a good laugh. After impressing him with his glowing footprints, I think we may have another convert to the CSI Oil Hunter's Club! Once again thank you for the excellent advice and service you provide – it's heart-warming these days to come across people who have a passion for what they do. Mike Posthumus, Orsmond Aviation, Bethlehem

Just to say that I am really pleased with the Bullseye. I particularly like the neutral white module which I opted for – it's much easier to see things thanks to the colours showing more clearly, for instance when we are looking for frogs in a swamp. I also really like the adjustable beam and absence of a hotspot. My only niggles are that it’s a bit clumsy in the hand due to the large lugs of metal just behind the head, and the method for changing modes only works if you are not in a hurry. I am enjoying wondering which torch to get next! Rob Shuttleworth, Nottingham Road

The build quality of the B158 Bullseye is exceptional and the size is spot on. I’m not a hunter, but what I find great is that the dark corners of my property are lit up with a solid beam, so there's no hiding in the corners. I have still to try the red module in the bush, and the UV was mostly for the kids to go gogga hunting – also to be tried later this month. The only improvement I’d make is the robustness of the spring on the brass pill. You want something that can withstand bumps without having to put them into containers, or being worried about changing them in the bush. All in all I'm very chuffed – especially with your service!! LDS, Linden, Jhb

Just sending a quick message about the the Bullseye, such a great torch, so happy with it, it does everything i want a torch to do. Anthony Brunskill, Durban

I tested the Safari Bundle again last night, using all the modules. Wow! The wide-angle performance, compared to my old shop-bought torch, is really impressive. Unless you have used wide-angle torches before it's difficult to explain just how useful this feature is. With the B158 Bullseye, the large area illuminated allows for very comfortable viewing without having to sweep the beam across the area, and if you need to highlight a particular object the zoom-in feature of the torch really comes into its own. Fantastic! The torch is mostly used in the zoomed-out or wide-angle mode due to its effectiveness and brightness. The red and ultraviolet modules are very effective. This is one torch I would highly recommend to everyone, and will brag about. Tony H, Randburg

So far so good with the torch and battery. Given the combination of purposes for which I need the torch, and the affordable price, it is great! Being able to tap into your in-depth knowledge of your products to ensure we select the correct tool for the job should not be under estimated. GW, Stanford

Just back from Kruger where used the Nitesun Bullseye B158 with red module during night viewing. Absolutely brilliant! Leopard was not scared at all and carried on doing what it was doing! The ability to focus / zoom is fantastic – great torch! It was interesting to compare it to the white lights used by other people in the vehicle – chalk and cheese! Tim Pentz, Tokai, Cape Town

Well the Bullseye does what you said it would do – I can shine the beam on the hills at the back of the house to see if any bushbuck are making their way down, check the trees for owls, or zoom in and light up the whole area. Torches don’t come much better than this – so much better than a spotlight. For as long as I can remember we've done an annual trip to the park and the Bullseye will be going with us – I'm sure that someone will ask ”where did you get that torch?” Stuart White, Port Alfred

I bought a B158 Bullseye recently to replace a stolen Hunter with UV module, which was my trusty scorpion torch but was discontinued. I decided to get all the coloured emitters with the Bullseye, just for fun. When it arrived I fitted the UV module and started playing around. At first I was a bit disappointed by the UV – it seemed dull, and not as purple as the Hunter was – but it did highlight scorpions, which was its job. As it turned out, the stolen Hunter was found lying in some grass nearby, I was joyfully reunited with it, and it became top of the perch again in terms of scorpion hunting. But, on a recent camping trip to Marakele, I fitted the red emitter to the Bullseye to watch animals walking through the campsite at night and WOW, it's just amazing! With zooming capability you can see a wildebeest 200m away, without it even blinking an eye, or you can see the entire herd if you zoom all the way out. So, the Bullseye is now my top animal-watching torch. I have not played with the green emitter as yet but will do so soon – I have a scout night-tracking event this weekend, so we shall see if it reveals scouts trying to hide away in the bushes ;-) Jacque Fernihough, Midrand

We recently went on a trip to Kruger National park and used the Bullseye on our first four nights where our chalet overlooked a river. Even with the red module fitted it was extremely good – better than most other torches I've had. None of the animals we saw seemed at all bothered by the red light. On our last day we went on a night drive and used the Bullseye with the red module. It outshone all the other torches and spotlights on the vehicle and didn't seem to irritate any of the animals we picked up in its beam. I am also very impressed by the white module – the only thing I would change would be to choose the single-mode version. Personally I don't need five modes and I found it a pain sometimes going through all the modes to get to high. Unfortunately I could not use the Bullseye as much as I wished because my wife was under the impression that the torch was hers, so don't be surprised if I send in an order for another one in the near future! All in all I think the Bullseye is an exceptional torch, especially in the bush, particularly the Safari Bundle with red and UV modules. Andy Heidstra, Parkwood

My son absolutely loves his B158! Did you hear the one about a ten-year-old boy scanning the beach one night with his Bullseye and catching out some teenagers who were up to mischief, thinking they were way out of sight? They were not! MW, Hurlingham

The Bullseye is such a lovely torch and we have so much fun with it. The red module, especially, is a winner as the animals just carry on doing what they were doing. Love this little torch!!!!!!!!!! Gerhard Landman, Nelspruit

Let’s face it. You want a proper torch, which feels like one. And this is the case with the B158 Bullseye. Fitting comfortably into the hand, it really feels solid. This is true even when replacing the battery or the LED module. I got the UV and red modules in addition to the white, and they outperform anything else I’ve seen. I have a feeling this torch will last a lifetime so I recommend buying the IR and green modules as well – even though you might not use them immediately, you never know what the future may hold. All I need to do now is stop blinding my neighbour and go visit a game reserve. But reviewing the torch is not important. It’s more important to review the Torchguy himself. I have been trying to find a decent torch for more than a year and all I found were people that could read the number of lumens on the side of a box. If you truly want to learn about torches, then the Torchguy is the place. And while Mark's knowledge and explanations got me to buy my first torch, it is his amazing after-sales interactions that will make me come back. Does the Bullseye have my endorsement? Yes. Does the Torchguy have my endorsement? Hell yes! Ronald King, Roodepoort

I really like the chunky feel of the Bullseye – a solid torch that could double as a weapon. As for its illuminating power, it definitely puts our the lumens as advertised and does the job. I must say I dislike the square LED shape of the light centre when it's fully zoomed in, but I bought this torch specifically for the UV module and that gets full marks!!! I use UV to charge up all my glow-in-the-dark fishing lures and it works brilliantly!! Just 10 seconds under this light and the lures are charged up and ready to catch a fish! So while this torch should appeal to everyone, I think every fisherman should make it part of their fishing tackle. You would then have a very high powered white-light torch when you need it and, after a couple of seconds swapping the module, you can charge up your lures for night time fishing, so you can increase the light in your life and your catch rate – you cant lose!! Stephen Gohl, Fish Hoek

My Bullseye arrived on Tuesday and I promptly tested it that evening by shining it all over my plot alongside my other torch. I’m really impressed with the zoom function and can see this becoming my “main” torch now due to this function. I also tested the red light and can’t wait to give it a proper test when I next harvest honey. Thanks for the excellent service. Ronnie Purnell, Midrand

Ek het die Bullseye gister oggend in goeie toestand ontvang. Ek het dadelik die battery vervang met een van my gelaaide Keeppower batterye. Ek moet sê dat die flits se uitset al my verwagtinge oortref het. Ek het ook die UV en R modules gisteraand gebruik en is besonder beÏndruk (my familie – vrou en dogter ook). Ek beoog om die flits te gebruik wanneer ons vroeg volgende jaar Namibië besoek – skerpioene hier kom ons! Johannes Boot, Brakpan

The  Bullseye is just in a class of it's own, thank you! My grandson is interested in a torch like mine – I will send him your details. Thinus Rautenbach, Richards Bay

Just thought I would drop you a line after my Nambiti and Kruger Park trip. My B158 Bullseye was the talk of the town!!! My friend has a torch that takes six non-rechargeable batteries – he has always crowed that it far out classes all my torches. Well I said nothing this time around, preferring to let my Brinyte do the talking. On our night game drive he was shining his torch all over the place and then, whammo!, suddenly his beam paled into absolute insignificance – if my Brinyte had a voice it would have chuckled in glee. As I commented to my ex-friend later, he could have saved his batteries for his bed side clock. Even the game ranger was impressed and said he wished he had a similar machine as the one he was given did not come close to my Brinyte, even though it was powered by the Land Rover battery. But when I changed modules to the red light you should have seen their faces... I was in stitches. Unfortunately there were no scorpions or I would have floored them by using the ultra-violet module. Needless to say the conversation around the fire was muted that night... and I enjoyed it! Thanks for a great torch. Kim Selwood, Assagay

I am enjoying the Bullseye for its versatility around camp (wide beam when walking or narrow when searching further) and the UV LED works fantastically. Nick Pickard, Constantia

Just want to let you know the Bullseye has arrived safely. First impression is that it's built like a tank. The LED is a bit colder than my Crelant Patrol but when zoomed in, has a much brighter spot – so it's more of a thrower, although I have not ventured to where I can really test the distance capability. Zoomed out it has a nice even round pattern which should work well for moving about. Without the lens attached it makes a good all-around light, and with the red LED I have to be careful lest I attract the wrong clientele to my house at night! I'll give you some more impressions after I have used the torch on the farm. Many thanks again for your sterling service! Pieter van der Westhuizen, Kommetjie.

I just switched on, in a suburban environment. Just one word: Formidable! Sieg Spitze, Johannesburg

I LOVE the Bullseye. It is amazing. I hadn’t realised how small it is, so was pretty shocked when I saw what it can do! The quality, size, weight and performance are going to make this my ‘go to torch’. I really like the cool light and it’s ridiculously amazing on the wide beam. I was actually laughing with joy when I saw how wide the beam is. And then of course the narrow beam  is impressive too. Really can find so many reasons to use this torch. Mark, thanks again for your service and help in feeding my torch addiction!!! Sally Klem, Port Elizabeth

What a magic torch. I cannot believe it's taken me so long to discover you and to realise what a benefit good, professional advice is. I took my newly acquired Bullseye to Kruger a few weeks ago and it performed to all my expectations and requirements. It was used zoomed out while braaing, and zoomed in to watch the habituated African Wild cat at Satara as well as the odd honeybadger. Watching animals at night was almost as good as viewing in daylight. It was also so easy to change modes. I just love this torch and with its sturdy but compact body it should last me my lifetime. Only a few very select people are allowed to use it. Thanks so much for your help, and especially your incredible speedy responses. Rose Sephton-Poultney, Johannesburg

You may be interested to know why I asked about coloured emitters. I live about eight kilometres from Church Square in Prehistoria – very much in suburbia, but on one of the ridgelines running roughly east-west across the city. A few nights ago, I was surprised and rather mystified to hear a high-pitched but quite loud cracking sound, much like one hears when there’s a short on an electric fence – except that my property doesn’t have one. Grabbing my trusty Vampire I went to investigate and discovered an angry galago (bush baby) perched on a branch. I could hardly believe that such a tiny body could emit such a loud noise. I then spotted another three in nearby branches. I’d like to do more bush-baby spotting but would prefer not to dazzle them with white light, even stepped down, hence my interest in modules with red LEDs. Jeremy Bense, Pretoria

What a lovely little torch this is. Tested it last night and we were impressed. Changing modes is also not a problem. The torch is so light, especially my wife likes this. I accidentally lit up a tree about 120 meters away where a number of guinea fowls were sleeping and they were not impressed!!!! Thanks again. I will let you know how it performs during our first trip to Kruger. We can't wait. Gerhard Landman, Nelspruit

I had my first opportunity to use the Bullseye mounted on my rifle recently and had the pleasure of dropping a fallow deer at 180 metres with a clean shot. The concentrated beam with limited peripheral lighting around the animal resulted in it standing still long enough for me to get a good bead and the rest is history. I will need a few more outings under differing conditions to really appreciate this light but, based on this once-off shot, it certainly gets my vote. Chris Wilke, Cape Town

No-one can hold a candle to Mr Torchguy. Superb torches and great value for watts. Although I'm a torch addict I found the best all-rounder to be the Brinyte Bullseye - it really hits the spot on narrow beam and lights up my world on wide. John Taylor, Melkbosstrand

After excellent service from you again, and receiving my Bullseye (Brinyte B158) both quickly and safely, I've now had a chance to check it out over the past few days. Taking into account its value for money I am very impressed, not only as regards its solid quality but also its versatility in easily being able to move from an outstanding floodlight to a throw which outdoes that of my Wildcat, even with a collimator! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Malcolm Marais, Pietermaritzburg

The Bullseye is everything you said it is. You get a good idea of how intense the narrow beam is when you shine it straight up into the night sky - it's a giant light-sabre to wave around! It's difficult to judge but it makes a very well-defined white beam that shoots easily 100m plus. The flood is also huge and just as impressive. The five-mode interface does detract from its utility as a tactical torch but this can be overcome to some extent by the mode memory which allows you to use as if there is only one mode. It took a little tumble out of my hand the other day and dropped about a meter onto the concrete driveway, hard enough for me to immediately think the worst. Checked the area of impact carefully but couldn’t find any signs of damage.... to the concrete :-)) FC, Johannesburg.

I tested the Bullseye last night from my balcony and I was blown away. I was sceptical about a torch being able to provide a flood beam and a throw beam while still being bright enough. It far exceeded my expectations, and it's the ideal torch for a safari where one can use the flood in camp and the throw for game viewing. I live in an estate with green areas and lots of wild hares, birds, etc. With the narrow beam I could see the wild hares far, far away - it was awesome! Craig Kahn, Pretoria

Firstly I want to thank you for your excellent advice and superb service. I am really happy with my Brinyte B158 Bullseye torch - I like the solid quality and I'm excited to fit the various accessories. The ability to change modules in no time makes it a very versatile torch. I have fitted it to my rifle scope and played around with the modules - it's an awesome, must-have torch! I am off to the farm this weekend and I'm looking forward to exploring its uses. Johan Terblanche, Honeydew

I received my birthday present to myself yesterday [the B158 Bullseye], gave it a charge then ran it through its paces last night. It’s awesome and I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m now glad I didn’t do a purchase from **** ***** **** - your service, advice and website are all top notch :-) Greg Welman, Centurion

I was scratching around in the garage for something yesterday and re-discovered my old man's red-filter spotlight that he used to mount to one of his rifles for night-time pig hunting. The size and weight of the light and the battery pack that he lugged around made me appreciate the Brinyte Bullseye all the more. I genuinely can't think of a more versatile torch than it has proven to be, along with its optional modules and mounts. I couldn't be happier with my toys! Shane Viljoen, Sandton

After receiving my Bullseye torch in October 2017 I was able to test it out on several occasions. I mostly used the green LED for vermin and feral-pigeon hunting. It is magic and creates a calm light environment that does not scare the pigeon or rodents. I must say it has changed the method of termination and increased my success rate. I have recently purchases an infrared scope-cam and cannot wait to test the infrared LED light with it. This will further improve my success in night hunting if it is anything like the green LED light. I so happy with my purchase that I have promoted the Bullseye to my fellow night vermin hunters. DV, Port Elizabeth

Very happy with the Brinyte we picked up from Mark the Torchguy last week. Mark gave us a lot of good advice and information about the variations. We opted for a neutral white LED option. We got the torch home and willed the darkness to come - like a child wills the arrival of Christmas morning! Very very happy with the torch. At full "zoom" it lights up to every corner of our small holding, over a hundred metres away - the square hot-spot bright like daylight. Widening the focus the Brinyte also provides a wide enough practical light - when the lights go off at home. Lee Ruthenberg, Raithby

After much deliberation between this and another flashlight offered by the Torchguy, I settled on the Brinyte B158 Bullseye for mounting on my Stag Arms AR-15 rifle. I was swayed by the fact that I can adapt the Bullseye to different circumstances (using the range of modules, mounts and remote pressure switch available from the Torchguy) and zoom the beam from a flood to an intense hot-spot. I'm very impressed by the ease of use (single tail-switch), the construction (robust and IPX8 waterproof!) and the incredible quality on offer at a very reasonable price. It isn't a lightweight, at 336 grams complete with an 18650 rechargeable battery, and the remote lead tends to "bunch up" when zooming while it's mounted on the rifle, but I'm very pleased with the end result. Highly recommended! Shane Viljoen, Sandton

I had a quick test run at home last night with the Bullseye on my rifle and it blew my expectations. I'm very impressed. The red LED module will be exceptional for hunting at night - the zoom-in spot it gives at 100m is remarkable. The actual feel and quality of the Bullseye is far better than anything i have seen before. I'm also very impressed with the L2 charger, it actually revived the faulty battery I had. When I go hunting over December I will give you feedback from using it in the field. Thanks again for the great service and above all the exceptional advice. Werner Wilken, Potchefstroom

The Bullseye was safely delivered on Friday morning. My SIL [son in law] was really impressed - he's the envy of all his friends. Hope to get some referrals! Thanks for once again delivering the completely right torch. Anne Taylor, La Lucia

I have arrived back from my Safari trip in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Really impressed with the Brinyte [B158 Bullseye] torch. Thanks for your service. Will definitely be promoting your company!! GR, Krugersdorp

I must say the Bullseye is very impressive. I like the square beam. Very effective. I am sure [friend's name] will order one soon. David Methven, Nottingham Road

I received the Bullseye and was pleasantly surprised the moment I unboxed it. The quality of the construction is absolutely excellent, and I am totally blown away by the performance of this torch! I especially like the controls at the back, all the different modes work so well, and even more so the clever and efficient manner in which you can alter the size of the beam. This torch has become my favourite to look around my garden at night. I also like the fact that you can pinpoint the beam to an exact spot with virtually no leakage at the beam. The wide beam, however, is lovely to use and makes this torch a true two-in-one instrument. All of your torches are really special (I have a fair amount of them) and each one has a very real place in my heart. However at the moment I keep this torch close to me at night and I love to shine it down the street. Taking into account the price, it's definitely a Bullseye! Hein Olivier, Port Elizabeth

I think I was one of the first guys to get a B158 Bullseye from you – you took photos of it on my rifle when I came to collect it nearly two years ago. I am a hunter and I use it on my rifle for problem animal control. After seeing how well the Bullseye performed a colleague also bought one from you. Well, now the time has come to take the next step – I’m going to buy another one! My Bullseye is still in good condition in spite of taking a beating under arduous conditions. I like the integrated rail clamp although mine has become a bit loose after years of use and abuse – in fact I am impressed it has lasted this long! If it fails I'll continue to use the torch with a 30mm ring-mount over the body of the torch, and I'm sure it will continue to light up targets for years to come. As I noted in my initial review the Bullseye is almost TOO bright with the white module, as animals become aware of it instantly. We quickly learned to keep it zoomed out so that the light is less intense. As expected, animals are much less sensitive to the red light and the red module has allowed us opportunities that we would not have had with white light – a huge advantage of the B158 “system”. The downside of a red light is that one loses the ability to discern colours which at times has made it difficult to distinguish between species. A quick flash with the white light can resolve this, but the white light alerts the animals. We have the same problem with identifying species even when using infra-red illumination with night-vision equipment. I have found the five-mode white module isn’t suitable for my purposes – the user interface is just too complicated when working under pressure – but there's no problem with the single mode module and it's easy to swap out. I didn't buy the remote switch because using the tail button suits me better, but I suspect that for someone shooting from a stationary position, or who needs to minimise movement so as not to disturb animals, would find the remote switch to be a good option. For the way we work, we need lights with coloured emitters on our rifles and a “normal” torch (with white emitter) carried in the hand or pocket. In the interests of compatibility and interchangeability of batteries, modules, mounts etc. I have decided to buy another Bullseye rather than something different. This will also mean we have a backup in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with one of our rifle-mounted torches. BB, Table View, Cape Town

Used the red module [with the Bullseye, mounted on a hunting rifle] last night and I was impressed. At the "longest zoom" it lights up the animals more than adequately, so much so that they are clearly aware of it. I found that I had more success zooming out a bit so that the beam was less intense. BB, Table View

I was pretty excited to receive the Brinyte B158 as an early Christmas gift - it's been on my radar for a while now. Zoomies have a bad reputation among flashlight enthusiasts because they tend to be made to a lower standard or they miss out on important features. Having a torch that can be used both as a flooder or a thrower sounds great in theory, but it's a difficult concept to get right - many of these lights end up being a bad compromise rather than offering the best of both worlds. However Brinyte may have finally built something that will change this negative perception forever. Holding the B158 one can instinctively tell that you have a well-built, high quality piece of engineering in your hand. It's quite large and heavy for a pocket size light, but small for such a monster thrower. The weight isn't a bad thing, as it will definitely help with heat management, and the lens is made of a hard plastic, possibly polycarbonate, which may be more prone to scratching than glass but is lighter and won't crack or shatter when dropped. The lens, I might add, seems to be of superior quality compared to other lights in its class. All threads come pre-lubricated and operate smoothly, and the quality of the finish is exceptional, with no scratches or uneven areas. The rail mount is attached by two screws and seems very sturdy - I believe it would hold up very well on smaller calibre rifles. If, however, you plan to mount this light on a high calibre rifle I would advise using something like a scope mount around the body of the torch. The light is capable of tail standing, though the large head makes it a bit top heavy. Waterproofing has been a major issue with zoomies - to my knowledge, the B158 is the only widely available light that has overcome this problem by incorporating seals inside the zooming mechanism. I did not personally test this, but a quick search on the Internet will reveal a couple of users submerging this light in a bucket of water while turned on and, even in some cases, going as far as manipulating the zooming mechanism. I really wouldn't recommend anyone to do this as it would create a negative pressure inside the like which could suck in water, but it does show just how good the manufacturing and design of this light truly is. Inside the head is an easily swappable brass pill, housing a 17mm driver and LED. These pills allow for a variety of different emitter choices. I got two pills with my B158, one with what looks like an XP-E2 red emitter, and the other with an XP-L HI white chip - judging by the tint I would guess it to be a V2-1A.  Both came with single mode drivers, which make life easier when using the remote switch that I ordered as an optional extra. There is also a five-mode version available for people who prefer to have more brightness levels. My light meter and clamp meter are in storage so I could not do proper testing of current draw or lux and could not conduct a ceiling bounce, but at an educated guess I'd say this light, with the factory de-domed XPL HI running at the same current with an aspheric lens should get a value of 100 000 candela or more. The beam, when focused, is remarkably clean compared to other zoomies, and the rings around the beam are hardly noticed in real world use. I tested the throw out to about 400m and it could definitely go further. A reflector based light with a similar cd rating would not look as bright at that distance due to the spill. When de-focused, the flood beam is very usable out to about 50m and it really does light up an area well.  In conclusion, this light has exceeded my expectations of what is possible in a zoomie. There is still a lot I would like to say about this exceptionally impressive piece of flashlight engineering. Honestly though, I do not think that there is another light in this class aside from some very hard-to-find limited addition anomalies. It's great value for money and really does incorporate many flashlights into one. I believe that every serious flashlight enthusiast should have one of these in their collection. Mickey Gauche, Koringsberg