I'm exceptionally proud of the many reviews I receive for my products and services. I hold a quarterly raffle to encourage customers to submit reviews – the draws are done with a random-number generator so you are free to say anything you like. There are hundreds of customer reviews on my website – those below relate to multiple products or to my service generally, while reviews for specific torches are linked at the top of their product pages. Please note that I am careful to protect my customers' identities – where you see a name it's because they gave me explicit permission to use it.

If you need quality torches, Mark is your guy. Great pre-sales advice, very efficient sales process, and always available after a sale if you need him. I have purchased four different Sofirn torches from him now and couldn't be happier. All work as well as they did on day one – they are super bright and extremely compact. If you are looking for a great torch, look no further than the Torchguy. Thomas Attenborough, Pinetown

Wow, wow & wow again! You said my headlamps might arrive before the long weekend, but they actually arrived at 10 this morning, a day early. You just exchanged in abundance, by under-promising and over-delivering. My son calls people of our age "old school" but I love belonging to this group, especially when its members step up to the plate as you have done. Yet again, your service was fantastic. Thank you for being so professional, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, all at the same time –  I want some of that juice that Mrs Torchguy is feeding you! Have a good day, and know that you make a difference. Mark van Wyk, Boksburg

I would like to thank you for the continued effort you put into your email communications and follow-up service. Clearly service is extremely important to you, as seen in every interaction I have – and there have been many. From the moment an order is placed, your documentation and communications are well covered, and the courier to my door is really quick. My expectations are exceeded every time! You have a loyal customer in me 😊 Ross Malcolm, Sandton

Well beyond the pleasure of an excellent new torch, Mr and Mrs TorchGuy give superb after-sales and after-warranty support... Mark went many extra kilometres to get to the root of a problem with one component, and replaced it swiftly. Way impressed and delighted. Kathy Eales, Van Wyksdorp

The delivery of my order was extremely quick and the service exceptional as always. The Aramex tracking number was listed on their tracking site the same day and arrived at my house within 24 hours. Five-star performance from order to receipt, thank you! Ross Malcolm, Sandton

Mark is a real fountain of knowledge and such a pleasure to deal with. His service (pre and post delivery, and speed and accuracy of delivery) and advice are legendary and I often recommend him to others. Keep going Mark and thank you for your patience with all the questions! Graeme Ho You, Wendywood, Jhb

Wish I could afford to buy all my friends and family torches like mine! Every night when I take my dogs out for their last pee, I take my torch along and shine it up and down the road just to see. Still amazed :)))) Shirley St Clair-Laing, Cape Town

I now have the full range of your torches as my companions on anti-poaching patrols. From the big brutes in our vehicles, to light up the night, to the medium sized units for lengthy patrols on foot, and finally the pocket-sized lights as a standby for myself or other rangers in difficult situations. I have a selection of the plug-and-charge type and those that use separately charged batteries, and each has different benefits for me in the bush. I personally prefer not having to remove a battery to charge it, but just connecting it to a cell-phone charger or standard USB port. Fortunately I have enough torches so I can patrol with one while another is charging, and then come back and swap them as needed. I can honestly say you and your torches have proven the ace solution for me in the bush – I guess one can never have enough quality torches… Ross Malcolm, Linbro Park, Sandton

I wanted to let you know that my Dad received his torch over the weekend for his birthday. He was really thrilled to receive it and absolutely loves it – it was a great surprise for him! He was in need of a torch and was going to buy himself a “cheapie” (his words) but is so happy to now have such a great quality torch. Thanks again for the great service! Tarryn Larsen, Johannesburg

It really is a pleasure dealing with Mark. I enjoy how knowledgeable and passionate he is about what he does – the torchguy.com website is so much more than just a business, it's a gateway to a whole new world of torches that more people need to experience. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on my latest torches – this time I promise to give feedback before the year ends! Brent Bowker, Grahamstown

Ode to Ye New Torches. Verily, we love ALL our torches. Mum sleeps religiously with hers under her pillow, and woe betide anyone who moves it! I have not encountered an obsession quite like hers, and oft we be afraid, but indeed she has seen the light! Forsooth, we have happily and confidently passed on your contact details to our local security company and neighbourhood watch. In these times of looting and unrest we spake thus: "Guys, you need better torches for night duty than your cellphones!” and with a flourish we laid our torches before them, and a deafening silence did ensue. In truth we wish that a few of our kinsmen see the brilliant light thine torches have cast upon our village, and flash their plastic to join thy army. Paul Hildyard, Hilton

During a recent excursion to a Lowveld B&B we played Rummikub, a game with coloured numbers on tiles, but the overhead light was so poor that we battled to distinguish between the black and blue numbers. I left the table to fetch to  my compact torch from the Torchguy. On my return I switched off the room light to howls of protest from my companions, but they were immediately silenced when I switched on the torch, put it on the table and bounced the light off the ceiling. We were able to see the number colours perfectly and finished our game. It was even possible to read  a book with the light provided in this fashion. Tony Newell, Bedford View, Jhb

I only get to be your customer once in a blue moon, but every time I am reminded how far behind most South African businesses are in terms of service. It's the little things, such as the the timely updates on the progress of the order, your self-produced and very useful guide for that specific light, and your honest assessment of the device, warts and all. And of course, your very informative website. The last time I bought a light from you was six years ago when I bought a little pocket torch which is permanently in my pocket and used multiple times a day. I thought you would get kick out of knowing that one of your babies is still going strong after all these years. KV, Plumstead, CT

Daar is baie mense wat maak asof hulle alles weet van flitsligte af!!! Maar daar is net 1 man wat regtig weet waarvan hy praat – en dis jy. En dankie dat jy jou kennis deel en goeie kwaliteit flitse verkoop. Johan Greyling, Katdoornbosch farm, Potchefstroom

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the awesome service I've received from you. You made it such a pleasure doing business with you, and your knowledge of all your products made it easy for me to decide on the perfect torch. The delivery of the item was on time as promised. I will definitely be referring you to family and friends.  Keep up the excellent service. Looking forward to doing business with the Best Torch Guy in South Africa! Yacoob Moosa, Empangeni

I am excited to tell you that my torch has arrived – I can't wait to test it out over the weekend away! Thank you for all the effort you put into the operating guide, it's going to make life so much easier when I take the torch through its paces. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the level of service you give – you really took it to the next level. Thanks for all your assistance and guidance, from your website to the personal touch! You really made this purchase special! Wian Wenhold, Silver Lakes, Pretoria

When I was searching for the best torches we could afford for our Christian Mission I was amazed to discover that Mark (the TorchGuy) was just a short distance from us - since then he's moved and now he's practically on our front stoep!! I was equally astonished to learn that he was offering some of the best performing torches in the world at very reasonable prices. There and then I bought an Acebeam K60 for the Mission - we found the impressive beam was ideal for intruder control. Since then the K70 made an appearance with an even longer beam which is perfect for our property and I couldn't resist acquiring this king of throwers for myself personally and also for a friend and for the Mission. I can honestly recommend these products, as well as Mark's keen sense of humour and helpfulness. It makes the experience so much more pleasant to know that you as the customer are not just a number! Pastor Schalk van der Merwe, Fairhaven Latter Rain Mission, Somerset West

I live with the "torch experience" 24/7/365 - ever since I surprised my husband with a Crelant Detective on Valentine's Day. Since then he has bought the Hunter, and now he's added the Wildcat and Cyclops to his wish list. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't visit your website. Your products have become the light of his life. Thanks a lot!! Signed: A Torch Widow. SM, Port Elizabeth

Having now bought three torches from you and I will never buy from anyone else. Your email updates are both informative and easy to read – and to pass on to mates when they enquire about my pocket rocket [M10 Marvel] which I carry in the cubby hole of my bakkie. The Hunter we use to shine from our deck onto the beach, and the Vampire when the dogs are barking at night or we’re out camping. We recently had two power cuts and, true to form, I had forgotten to charge our emergency LED lamps, so we were in the dark with six useless lamps. However I stood each of my torches on their tails in different rooms, which was ideal - we were able to navigate around the house and when we retired to bed, we still had battery power for the midnight trip to the can or kitchen. An absolute saving grace and I’m not sure I’m even going to  waste my time with charging the ‘el cheapo’ emergency lamps any more. The torches were far better! RD, Umbogintwini

In a rare moment of boredom, I typed the word 'torch' into google and it has changed my life! The Torchguy website came up and I read every word. Having never realized it before, my NEED  for a decent torch took over my thoughts. When visiting Cape Town soon after that , I took some friends with me to meet Mark and have a torch demo. I was gobsmacked at what we saw! I immediately bought his Wildcat with accessories and the Apollo. I'm off to visit the Kruger on Friday and am more excited about the performance of my torches than anything else. However, earlier this year I realized I NEEDED the Detective as well. At work this week, a colleague was working at a computer in a poorly lit space and was really battling to see. I could not contain myself and placed the Detective next to her computer, shining upwards so the light bounced off the shelf above and flooded the entire area. She was mightily impressed and the boss realized the problem (after she has been struggling for three months) and promptly had the electrician in the next morning! Everyone was happy and my colleague had now also bought the Detective. SK, Port Elizabeth

I was fortunate to stumble across the TorchGuy on a Google search when I was looking for a very high powered LED rechargeable torch in a waterproof solid casing. I had experimented with some of the mainstream torches available from retail stores around SA and, without being able to test a torch from Mark first hand, I was a little sceptical. However after a couple phone calls with Mark and reading through his extensive FAQ’s, I felt more at ease with giving it a go. MS, Rosebank

Well, three years (of business) and it will continue as long as you keep being the Torch Guy. I love my torches almost as much as my knives, but there is nothing worse than a bad quality knife or a torch. Your torches are great because you are a torch addict and that is why I am so happy with them. Before we met, I never owned any torch that I loved as much as the babies I got from you. So be assured of my business for many years to come and thank you for the great service and products. AE, Oudtshoorn

My second order has arrived. Thank you. The Hunter is a great torch - lots of distance. My son will be very happy with this. It'll outshine anything his mates have, and will suit his farming needs. I'm still happier with my Patrol. Lots of peripheral light for general purpose. Great products. But my best is the Wildcat - floody but with excellent range all in one neat small torch. My rangers have been able to split up and cover more patrol area due the confidence these torches have given them. TS, Piggs Peak

We have gotten the torches thanks - as always good service and quality. The Vampire is an extremely underrated torch to be honest, very bright for a small torch, we have a dark corner (about 88 m away) in the property which the Vampire lights up like a Xmas tree :) Very good power output for small size and excellent value for money. The spill and hot spot is very well balanced. The Hunter as always is perfect from 100 to 300 meters with its pin-point hot spot - the Hunter was for my dad and he's very happy with. The only problem now is that there is "only one Vampire"  and my mother would like to own one. . . JT, Midrand

Received the torches on Thursday and charged them up as per instructions. Wow, daylight!!!! The Vampire is absolutely amazing and have no doubt to why it was rated the best all round torch in the Leisure Wheels magazine that did the tests on some 10 torches or so – this is  how I got your website details and made the correct purchase decision. It’s amazing how sitting in a dentist waiting room can lead to more than just the fear of things to come. Then there’s the Hunter. Ooooooh man. I think my plants are growing twice as quickly now – they think night is day. Absolutely in a class of its own. Through your web site I learnt so much about torches and know that you have 1 or 2 others that are considered to be possibly better. I cannot see how, other than the price, and will therefore stand by the Hunter being the best. I and my friends are blown away with its distance capability, clarity and the added bonus of size and weight. The best I’ve had/have! Thank you for your attendance of my order and attention to the ‘torch world’. I truly have 2 torches for life. RD, Umbogintwini

I received my torches yesterday and I felt like father Christmas came early - anyone watching me would have thought that I couldn’t be a day older than 5 years. To put it simply, I am thrilled with my purchase. I charged my batteries and was wandering around in the dark (well not so dark when I turned the torches on!) ... Thanks for your service and all the best for the Christmas and New Year. JA, Krugersdorp

I try to buy the best products available, for the the best price possible. I surf a lot on the internet and do a lot of research before I buy something. Since I got hold of Mr Torchguy, I tend to rely a lot on your judgement as I know that you do a lot of research as well. This save me a lot of time. What I also enjoy and appreciate, is the fact that you stock a large variety of “stuff” including weapon mounts from other brands as well. . . That is good business in any language. DW, Beaufort West

We had a night shoot recently and an instructor used my 7G5PL Hunter to administer a painfull dose of strobe to each shooter who stepped up to the plate, for over three hours in all. A lot of the guys were impressed by the beam and the powerful strobe. My 7T40 Wildcat also worked hard on the night - it's great for low light shooting, particularly its ability to turn on, scan, and turn off very quickly. The serrated bezel also made some pretty nice indentations on the punch bags, by the way! GS, Hammarsdale

First a well-earned compliment. Yours are the only commercial emails that I read – all the other reams of advertising junk that clogs my email is unceremoniously deleted. CT, Vryheid

I'm not in the market or a new torch just yet – the clutch of products I purchased last year continue to work just fine, and have served our purposes very adequately. My Patrol is a great torch and quite up to any task. Any brighter and I may contribute to global warming! The Crelant Wildcat remains a favourite for my ranger patrols. Together with the magnetic weapons mount its an awesome tool. TS, Swaziland

I must say that, if it wasn't for your interest and knowledge in your products, I probably wouldn't own this light. In asking and trying to understand what type of light your customer is looking for, and giving out background info, you go the extra mile. That goes a long way, especially for someone who is new to flashlights or a bit unsure of what they want. Seeing how passionate you are about your products and the good service you offer makes it that much easier to trust in you and the products you offer. I hope to own a couple more flashlights of yours in the future. RC, Randburg

What great service!!! From the first phone call, to paying, to picking up from Mark the Torchguy the first very decent torches I have ever owned, I cannot fault a thing!! Thanks Mark for your amazing service, the heaps of info you gave me and the incredible torches. . . they really do throw the light you describe on your website. I eventually decided on two Crelant Hunters and one Acebeam K60. Simply amazing torches!! I purchased the K60 for general use at home and the Hunters primarily for game viewing. Yes, agreed, decent quality torches from any supplier are pricey but the service from the Torchguy is top notch - he makes all the difference! I have tested the torches at home from our stoep, shining them up into the dark valley surrounded by shrubs and trees. . . how enlightening!! :)) Let there be light! Anyone with reservations is welcome to contact me - I can vouch for the Torchguy's service and the quality of his torches. I am very tempted to go for the Acebeam K70 as well. . . AS, Somerset West

Our new neighbours joined us for a glass of the Cape's best a few weeks back. With him being a dedicated "fishaholic" and outdoorsman I saw a gap to display the omnipotence of my Crelant Patrol and Acebeam K70, as well as my wife's Crelant Vampire. Needless to say he was completely gobsmacked. Then, when I heard he was going on a two-day camping adventure I offered him the use of my wife's Vampire. Upon his return a few days later I phoned to enquire how he enjoyed the torch? After a bit of a silence he admitted that he had misplaced the Vampire while he was packing and was forced to leave it behind. However, the plot thickens. . . The evening he left we had a power break for about two hours. It later emerged that his good lady, having quietly observed my demonstration a few days earlier, wasted no time in using the Vampire as a lantern on reduced power to see her through the power cut and beyond. I heard that she vehemently denied hiding the Vampire prior to his departure, but he had to negotiate with her to secure the torch's release as she was "unsure whether she wanted to give it back"!! MR, Howick

I received all goods on Wednesday. Batteries were charged overnight and torched tested in my back yard on Thursday evening. Wow they are powerful - I felt like a Jedi with my light sabre! I can't wait to use them next time I go to a game farm. Thanks once again for all your useful information and prompt delivery. WP, Krugersdorp

May and June have proven to be somewhat difficult months but, as always, torches to the rescue! Our dinner club gathering was plunged into darkness when a substation blew, but with our torches to light the way and the gas weber lit, in no time we were treated to gorgeous pepper-crusted fillets sauted in red wine and cream. June was even more eventful.  We were traveling from Cape Town to Somerset West and unfortunately rolled our bakkie. After everyone was reassured that we were fine, their next question was "did the torches make it out ok?" We obviously have a bit of a reputation! There is not a day that goes by that we do not use our torches! SM, Port Elizabeth

I am really chuffed with my purchase of a Crelant CH10 headlamp and 7T40 torch. We used them recently when camping and fishing at at Milibangalala in Mozambique. Both are a fantastic addition to our equipment and we will definitely take them on our upcoming trip to Botswana. Can’t wait to hit the road again and have some fun! JH, Kloof

I tested both the Wildcat and the Cyclops on the weekend and I am really impressed. They both give amazing light. I really enjoy the fact that I can set the light intensity to whatever brightness I want. Very clever. They both feel solidly made which is also really good. I am going hunting with a bunch of mates round the end of July and I will definitely promote your torches with them. Thanks so much for your great service. GS, Port Elizabeth

I just came back from the bush, like two hours ago. I used the Wildcats and the Acebeam K60 extensively on dangerous game hunting. Both these torches excelled in really tight situations. Great stuff! DW, Beaufort West

The K60 and K70 were awesome in Botswana! A two-week trip without the need to recharge batteries and I used the K70 for at least half an hour on early morning drives to pick up eyes. LB, Pretoria

We put both our torches (Crelant CH10 Cyclops and Crelant 7T40 Wildcat) to the test on our latest bush trip to Botswana. We travelled to Moremi and the Central Kalahari where they came in most handy at night. To survey the surrounding area at night has added another dimension to our bush adventures. Our campsites in the CKGR were particularly remote (to say the least) and with no other lights around us at night what a pleasure to use your torches to enhance our camping and game viewing experience. Bonus!!! John and Pippa Hudson, Kloof

Thanks so much for being able to replace my AWOL Acebeam EC60 Bolt! Sincerely appreciated! By the way, I always look  forward to reading your news and perusing your website - it's fascinating and always interesting, and of course your service ranks with best I get from Mercedes Benz! Look forward to getting the Bolt again - it was my favourite! Louis Defries, Sandton

Your (my) torch was a great success in Kruger, to the extent that a number of folk requested your details on seeing the landsape light up before them. I do hope you have received some orders as a result. I was going to ask to be struck off your mailing list before I was tempted to make yet another purchase, but I've opted to stay on so I can keep a beady eye out for potential Christmas presents! Derek Whalley, Durban

As for the K70 Apollo in the Kruger, it was simply mind blowing. And my mom has had great use from her little M10 Marvel. I tried to convince her to leave it with me because she has survived 74 years without ever owning a torch, but she won’t hear of it! Andre Wessels, Boksburg North

Just a quick update on the torches I got from you. I am back at the farm in northern Moz and all I can say is wow - I am loving these torches! Did a quick game drive and the beam of these torches is phenomenal. Really enjoy the newsletter you send out. Dwayne Knight, Pietermaritzburg

I like all of my Acebeams - I could quite happily spend the rest of my life just with Acebeam, even though I realise that there are other awesome torches out there. I've had my K70 Apollo for a while now but it's still totally amazing - its beam is intense. My Aecbeam EC50ii is my EDC - at home it lives next to my bed and at the campsite it lives in my pocket. At first when we went camping it was hard to choose which torches to take along but now I've got it down to a mere four torches - my X80, K70, EC50ii and of course my Crelent Cyclops (you can't braai meat properly without both hands free!). Craig Draper, Paarl

The Crelant CH10 Cyclops - what can I say? It's the most incredible headlamp ever! It's invaluable when working in dark places like my shed and inside cupboards with my cordless drill - it gives me more light than any built-in LED, and it stays on when I need to make adjustments. Did I mention the Cyclops can ramp down? Then we have the Crelant 7G3CS Detective. This is my EDC - the best ever pocketable torch, bar none! The light output for its size is incredible! I also have the Crelant Patrol which is something else entirely. Kevin Ganserer, Pinelands

My business partner and I were each given an Acebeam K40M by one our suppliers. I had never heard of the Torchguy before, but the range and quality of his torches is incredible, and the service I received to get spare batteries for these torches was fantastic. The web page is so informative and user friendly it beats going to shops. I will definitely be purchasing more torches for myself and friends. Well done on supplying such a great product! Rory Gilbride, Rooihuiskraal

If you want to buy a torch there is just one place to do so. Mark’s units are all equally strong on quality, reasonable on price and first class on service and backup. Mark will also recommend what is best for the customer/end user as opposed to whats best for his bottom line. This is the place to buy your light. From a purchaser and user of many of his torches, for almost as long as Mark has been the Torchguy. NW, Bvumbwe, Malawi

It's been about a month since I secured three different torches from Mark, the Torchguy, situated in the well-managed province known as the Western Cape. You may be saying three torches is surely over the top – can't he be happy with just one? Actually no. . . each one has its own specific use and function. If I need both hands free for working under my vehicle or climbing inside the roof, I have the CH10 Cyclops. For evening walks I need a good beam of light that reaches 80-100 metres so there are no surprises, which is what I get from the V6CS Vampire. And then there's the Sofirn SP31, which is small enough to fit into my pants pocket, alongside my Victorinox Swiss Army knife. I use the Sofirn just about anywhere - it's always ready and available to inspect my hard work painting doors with bright white double velvet. You can be the judge and jury on whether you need a second or third torch in your own beautiful life - but I know that I do! Reg Fridey, Port Elizabeth

I used to be a ******** fan, but switched over to Acebeam and have not regretted it for a moment. Best service and best torches! Tom Schumann, Cape Town

As you know I have both the Acebeam K70 and K60. We needed to control some problem animals on the farm, so a few guys and I went out with our kids to sort them out. One of my friends announced that he had a good torch, meaning we would be fine, so I just kept quiet. But when we got to the land my daughter turned on the K60 and my friend hid his torch under the seat and said “Dis mos a torch!” The K60 just lights up all you need to see - nothing escapes it. We spotted a problem animal and put the K70 spot on it and sorted it out from about 120 meters. The batteries on both torches lasted fine - we were out for two hours with both torches on and off all the time. The build quality is the best you will find and service from Mark is outstanding. Well done! Mike Blythe, Howick

We had a power failure last night, so pulled out my Bolt and Brutus. Put them on “low” and sat them on their rears facing the ceiling so the light would reflect and illuminate the rooms. They were burning for more than an hour and a half, and this morning we are looking at 78-83% energy still in the tank! Have not used them for such an extended period of time before. Very impressed at the amount of light given vs the runtime vs power consumed. Justin Lerwill, Benoni

On a lighter note (see what I did there?) there was a power failure in my suburb at 5.30am. Not pitch-dark outside but certainly dark inside. The good news was that I had just managed to make the coffee, but the BEST news was that I got to use Brutus, with some help from the Detective. There were no problems with ablutions as the bathroom was well lit - in fact I was kind of sorry that the power failure started so close to sunrise! The Detective was also amazing in lighting the hallway - just a pity I still had to walk down seven flights of stairs! Sally Klem, Port Elizabeth

I received my X45 Acebeam yesterday and quickly charged the batteries. My Hunter batteries were already charged for a shootout last night. I will try and upload the pics sometime. I used both of the units in my back garden. The Hunter is ±1,000lm and the X45 is ±16,000lm. The Hunter I purchased for its long beam and the filters; the X45 was purchased for the flood. When I tested them in an area of ±650 m2 I couldn't believe the amount of light generated by the X45 - it lit up the whole garden very well. It was as if I had switched on a flood light. Thanks Mark, I can't wait for our next trip! Malcolm Pope, Newton Park

Mark outshines the competition with his brilliant service! This is personal and true old school trading yet still online, where Mark emails you with answers to questions, quotes and finally follows through with tracking no. Best of all his products don’t let him down! Rob Shuttleworth, Nottingham Road

I used the K60 and K70 as a combo team, but sadly they were "redeployed" during a break-in at my house. Many thanks to Mr Torchguy for swiftly replacing the K70 and upgrading me to the K65. This K65 is a proper flits! It has a wider beam with super brightness and larger spill to spot reflections from animals' eyes, then the K70 takes over to enable identification - it undoubtedly has the most piercing beam I have ever used! Both these torches are fitted with Keeppower batteries - the 3400mAh in the K70 and the 3120mAh in the K65 - which keep the lights on for much longer. I have also switched to the LiitoKala charger which keeps these batteries in peak condition ready for the next game or fishing adventure. Russell Laing, Umdloti

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency I experienced from Torchguy, in both the info supplied on the website and on the delivery side. The product is a quality item. Keith Brooke-Sumner, Hermanus

I just had to send you this... I’m now the proud owner of six quality torches bought from you, and somehow all six have been absorbed into daily use. I've attached a photo of my teenage daughter adding light to her late night colouring-in with the Cyclops, and the light from where I’m taking the picture is from the magnificent Acebeam K65, tail standing on low power, which is so much better than the bedside light! Gerrie Bosman, Cape Town

Last week we had first aid training and, come nightfall, I was chatting to the instructor and noticed he had a *** ****** zoomer headlamp. I asked him if he had ever heard of Acebeam, as he is involved in some serious search and rescue. He had not, so I pulled out my M10 Marvel. He said you're not going to get much light out of that little thing, but when I turned it on he almost fell over – it was way brighter than his headlamp and I had his full attention! Then I took out my L16 Evolution and he was really finished! Carl Moller, Hillcrest

The Hilt beats my old Detective and I’m sure the Blade is going to smoke my Vampire. It's also amazing to see what they can do with an AA battery these days – the Guard is almost as good as a full size ****** torch I have. Henk Meintjes, Randburg

I must also apologise for not succumbing to the regular temptation that arrives courtesy of your newsletters. I still think you have the best range of products in the country, and the only reason I haven’t bought more of them is because the ones I already have are so darn good! Still, I can feel my self-discipline ebbing every time I visit your website... Jeremy Bense, Pretoria

Thanks for the excellent service and speedy delivery. I am really happy to have discovered your website – it sure beats ordering from China. Price-wise I am surprised that you are even cheaper than ordering direct from China. I will be recommending you to my family and friends for sure. Tony Knipe, Cape Town

I've got to admit, it really is fascinating how something as mundane and arbitrary as a torch can capture people's attention and interest. I have always thought of them as just a "quirky guy thing" but I've had to surrender one of my torches to my six-year-old daughter, who considers it a “must have” when she gets up to go to the toilet at night (notwithstanding the fact she has to walk past three light switches on the way) and now my wife has claimed another of my torches to keep in her bedside drawer “in case one of her knitting needles rolls under the bed”. I have even overheard her offering to loan out my “Meneer” to a friend who wanted to go looking for their missing dog one night! Stephen Gohl, Fish Hoek

We've added another member to the Torchguy community – a friend reached his 60th and received the Sofirn Blade and the Crelant Cyclops. I've had my Vampire and Cyclops for a good three years and they travel with me, even on non bush trips – they're always useful. Having spread your name far and wide (like the beam from an Acebeam torch!) I'm sure you've had several new members as a result. I am so pleased that I read that Leisure Wheels article and saw your name... Jeremy Robertson, Ladysmith

Haven’t been able to play around too freely with the torches in my Sofirn Sword bundle yet because they’re meant to be Christmas gifts!! But I have unpacked them and sneaked in some night viewing – all brilliant!! My only disappointment is the lack of big-ass physicality – that old 4xD-cell cultural-weapon effect!! I see you have a few larger models on your website, although their prices are somewhat more premium, but I may still end up going for one of those before Christmas. Georg Tränkle, Centurion

I've had the chance to test all three torches in the Sword Bundle and I can honestly say that I am as impressed as you said I would be. Where we stay, the nights get very dark and someone can easily be a few feet away without you having any idea they are there. As you know I am part of the Crestview Neighbourhood Watch and, during my patrol this week, I took both the Blade and the Hilt with me. The light they push out is fantastic, even when shone over open areas or down a hill to get a view of the valley below. Two of the gentlemen who joined me that night had just spent quite a bit of money on their own torches, and their words of praise for their lights quickly faded to chirps of jealousy when I flicked the switches on the Blade and Hilt. As for the third specimen, the Guard, I would have liked to give you an in-depth review but unfortunately this isn’t possible – as soon as I switched it on, and my wife saw the powerful light coming out of such a small item, she quickly laid claim to it. Nevertheless I'm very impressed with your products – thank you for your guidance in making my choice. Pierre de Klerk, Crestholme

I can say that my best toys so far are the little SP10A Guard and the CH10 Cyclops headlamp (which by the way klaps anything else!) Their power is amazing! And of course my K40M Squire is a real monster – it compares with the searchlights in the night sky! As they say, the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys – and I wouldn’t change it for anything!! I'm happiest when I turn darkness into light! Louis Defries, Johannesburg

We love our torches and use them almost weekly, and all the time when we go up to the 'berg. I especially love my pocket torch that is with me each and every day – in a movie house or in a bookshop when I really need to see, this this little number floors them all. The power is incredible and I use it more often than one can imagine. Paul Hildyard, Hilton

I have been enjoying all the torches I've ordered from you, but there are some standouts: 1. My absolute favourite, without a doubt, is the K70. That powerful beam keeps on impressing. 2. The X45 is still warming my hands and my heart. 3. Best all-rounder goes to the K40M with that beautiful LED. It's more torch than anyone will ever need. 4. Most carried torch is the M10, small and powerful, it sits proudly in my pocket. 5. As a group, the three Rofis torches bend over backwards to provide light wherever you need it. They also get very sticky around any metal surfaces. 6. The EC50 is a great travel companion – a lot of light from a small package with no extra chargers to needed. Those are just a few standouts – all the others are still going strong, filling niches and acting as backups to backups. Jaco van Wyk, Rustenburg

Mark – it is a  pleasure to buy from you. Your description and explanation of your products is done very well. I also enjoy reading your comments. Keep up the good work. Ronnie du Plooy, Kathu

I have tested the flashlight and noticed it has a slighly warmer tint, and I absolutely love it! I have also been using it in the production warehouses, and what an absolutely amazing light! I mostly use it on the lower setting when doing inspections up close, but when I need a ray of sunshine I switch it to the max setting and it really does light up the entire workspace! I have bought several flashlights from you before, but it just seems that they are getting better and better (as if that is even possible) and the service you provide is unbeatable! Once again I am truly a very happy and satisfied customer. Micheal Roos, Durbanville

What a pleasure it has been, dealing with the TorchGuy! From spending hours looking at the options on a very well written, laid out and informative website, to dealing with Mark personally, has been a gratifying experience. Receiving my modified Sword bundle (with a Cyclops headlamp in exchange for a Blade) in one day from shipment was also a pleasure. Mark’s flexibility in offering this bundle at extremely competitive prices also met all my expectations. The quality of the torches themselves is outstanding. I really enjoyed stalking around my garden looking for robbers, with new and very bright lights in my hand and on my head! Many thanks Mark – all in all, a seldom-encountered level of service and professionalism!! Steve Watson, Walmer, PE

Speaking of throwing light – I used mine briefly to check out why my dog was going bananas in my front yard during our blackout last night – it came in very handy to illuminate the front yard and 200 metres in either direction up and down the street, as if it were daylight. Fortunately nothing looked out of place. Darren Haagman, Glenvista

As you know I am now the proud owner of three of your champion Acebeam torches – the X45ii Eclipse, the K70 Apollo and the K40 Squire. Well, what a time I have been having every evening! All three are standing on my sideboard, fully charged and ready to go. I commend you on your detailed explanation of each of these magnificent torches, as well as the range and quality of torches, chargers, batteries and accessories you stock. The machining and finish on the torches is out of the top drawer. I am not one to buy expensive equipment unseen, but you made it possible with your descriptions, and I must say your words really came to life when I had each model in my hands, and in use. The X45ii is my wife’s favourite as, no matter where you point it, there are no dark corners. It truly is like a bulldog – short, stocky and very powerful! I enjoy the long-focused beam of the K70 but have yet to find a decent challenge for it – I really need to get back into the countryside! And, as you mentioned, the first torch I would grab as an all-rounder would be the K40M – it's a no-compromise, fantastic general-purpose light. I do believe the K30 Energy may be my next torch – I visited [a mutual friend] the other night and he hauled out this little barrel of light – what a compact powerhouse it is! Burton Saunders, Glenvista Ext 5

What you said in your March '19 newsletter about not venturing into a potentially risky situation (like touring a cave) unless you are prepared for darkness is correct – it's even backed up in the Bible! Matthew 25, Verse 1 to 13 talks about ten virgins, five who were foolish and five who were wise enough to bring spare oil for their lamps. In effect it means that anyone who has not bought one of your torches with a spare battery is an idiot -:) David Dunston, Ferndale Johannesburg

I found Mark's website from a google search and was suitably impressed by the no-nonsense information he presented. I purchased the "Sword Bundle" and have been seriously impressed by the power of all three torches – the SP31Tii Blade, SP31ii Hilt and the SF14ii Edge – as well as the advice given by Mark himself. Adam Osborn, Cape Town

The torches were delivered yesterday at 15h00, all complete and in working order just as you said they would be – thank you! My initial impressions are that they are just what my wife and I were hoping for – well made and finished, small and simple enough to be practical to use. I like the fact that the batteries are common to both types of torches, and the lighting power is more than enough for our use. Stewart Paterson, Edenburg, Johannesburg

The Torchguy has a fantastic selection of quality torches, coupled with the very informative advice on most the suitable torch for our specific needs, prompt and efficient service delivery, has resulted in us coming back for more torches! I can highly recommend the Torchguy as the Go-To provider for quality torches. Cindy Illing, Newlands, Cape Town

You are one of the most interesting persons I ever met. I would like to buy a torch every time there's something new but my wife stops me. I've bought more than 20 flitse but the only one I use is the one I got from you. And this is the one that I show to all my pelle - ek spog en se julle het ni so iets ni! My vrou se sy sal 'n flits in my kis moet sit as ek gaan. Love your articles! Daan le Roux, Klerksdorp

I've been looking for a torch for almost a month now. I went to Huntex and looked at the offerings there, but I must admit it was difficult to find a solution that was a balance between power and price. It also appears that people aren’t interested in selling their products, because service levels are at an all-time low. However I was referred to the Torchguy by a colleague of mine, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Not only were his responses prompt, but the information and willingness to answer all my questions meant that I was satisfied I was choosing the right torch for my needs. Backed up by a good quality product at an affordable price, I can certainly recommend the Torchguy. Clayton Dyer, Fourways

I would highly recommend Mark Loudon, "The Torch Guy".  I wanted to buy my husband a torch for his birthday, so I emailed Mark late afternoon on a Sunday and had a reply from him that same evening. He sent thorough details on various torches and helped me choose something that I would not have been able to do on my own. The torch was couriered to me in Johannesburg within four days and my husband is thrilled. Amazing service, attention to detail and great quality torch. Jo Houze, Sandton

I am leaving for Kruger on Friday. I am taking five torches along for me and the kids. Three headlamps and two spotting torches. Four out of the five are from you. Derick Welgemoed, Beaufort West

I've bought various torches from Mark and each fills a specific gap – even much older torches that have been discontinued are still serving me well. Although no torch is perfect (some come close!) Mark has always been willing to help if there was an issue with any of them. You can get torches anywhere, but not Mark. So although he sells good quality torches at reasonable prices, for me the true value comes in dealing with him. Thanks, Mark, may you continue to make a mark in this life and let your beautiful light shine. Ivor Smith, Gordon's Bay

We had our annual 87km fun-run from Dbn to Pmb last Sunday and it was a great day out. My wife and I seconded my daughter on her eighth run, which she finished in 9hrs 45mins – a good time for her. We woke up at 03:00 in the pitch darkness but I had three TorchGuy lights handy – my new Cyclops D10 headlamp, baby SF14 Edge (mainly used on low beam to go to the bathroom without waking up the rest of the household) and of course my monster B158 Bullseye for waking my lazy neighbours up! Why should they sleep when I cant? The new Cyclops was particularly handy – we had to park quite a way from the Comrades start and it was dark, dark, dark! As soon as I turned on the Cyclops a whole bunch of runners who had parked nearby gathered to take advantage of the huge beam this little light threw around and in front of us. Suffice to say that not one of the 2 000 congregation stumbled – they all got safely to the start! Kim Selwood, Assagay

Beyond the obvious benefits of a fine torch I have been equally (if not more) impressed by your website, with all its information on the equipment and the relevant tests and results. I greatly appreciated learning for the first time what the difference is between lumens and candela – well done, your writing is simple to read and to understand on a topic that is widely misunderstood. Added to this your professionalism when dealing with my wife's queries and the subsequent response on the care and handling of my new torch shows that you are committed in totality to your business. I commend your positive and truthful comments and will have no second thoughts in recommending you to family, friends and guests alike. I am proud to be associated with a fellow South African who both proves and shows that there is honour in business on this continent of ours. Gary Ray, Cheetah Plains Lodge, Hoedspruit

A few years ago I bought a Vampire from you. I absolutely adored this torch. I used it daily and it served me extremely well throughout the dark days of load shedding. Last Wednesday we were “fortunate” enough to be able to donate some of our belongings to a burglar who I assume is less fortunate than us.  Funny thing is, this person has class and taste. Only some cash, a few pieces of jewellery, my Leatherman and Vampire were stolen – no interest in our clothing, electronic goods, food items, not even our wine! I suppose we should be grateful though, every cloud has a silver lining and all of that. Problem is, I can’t see the clouds without my torch!!! Anthony Betz, Cape Town

I have bought a lot of gadgets in my life. Only a few have exceeded my expectations. The advert or the salesman always over-estimates their product. But TorchGuy's torches really will knock your socks off. Arthur Dicks, Stutterheim

Just a short note to let you know that, although I have an array of your torches, I cannot decide on a favourite. Like my dogs they each possess a definite personality – it's a pleasure to grab any one of them and  be assured of spot-on satisfaction! Thanks for your out of this world service. Hein OIivier, Port Elizabeth

Mark, you are a true flashlight scout. You have this ability to find good, affordable and practical flashlights, and for that I commend you sir! You offer excellent service before and after a sale, and your knowledge and insight of these toys we collect is admirable. I am very happy with my latest toys. Keep an eye out – my next order won’t be too long from now! José Murta, Kempton Park

We have just returned from a fantastic trip to the Kgalagadi National Park. We had some really cool fun using your torches around our campsites at night – we had visits from jackal and hyena almost every evening so the ladies were most pleased when they could ‘really’ see what was lurking in the dark! I still have to sit down and learn all the torch functions properly, but what I have experienced so far is absolutely awesome. Thank you again for your help with getting them to me – I have forwarded your details to my mates as well. Grant Hampson, Mid-Illovo

My wife and I do as much camping as possible, and on a recent trip to the Maputo Elephant Reserve we were tucked up in our tent when an elephant decided to pay us a visit! It was pretty nerve racking, but at least my wife and I had our trusty headlamps which saved the day. When going camping we don’t leave home without our torches supplied by the Torchguy. John and Pippa Hudson, Kloof

I have never before written a review of torches, but I've never before had such fun playing with them! I've always made the mistake of buying the cheapest torches which, as you know, means they last only a month or two, or until the first emergency. What I wanted, originally, was a light for mountain biking early in the morning, but I landed up solving a lot more than just my visibility problem – now I HAVE LIGHT! I had countless problems and bought countless useless torches until a fellow cyclist introduced me to Mark from TorchGuy.com, who is a torch fundi. No general dealer has so much passion, familiarity and understanding of his product, and a beautiful sense of humour when it comes to his babies. I now own three types of torch, each with multiple uses – the Cyclops headlamp (I have six!), Edge pocket torch and a Blade for longer distances. With some some plastic bottles as diffusers I not only have bike lights but lanterns, general-use torches, emergency lights and a hell of a lot more. What is also amazing is that these torches are reasonable in price! Actually I have been having so much fun that I often go out at night just to compare them, and to annoy the neighbours. I don't have the knowledge to discuss lumens, types of metal casings, safety features etc. – all I can tell you is how effective they are in coverage and longevity. Eskom must hate it when we have such amazing torches but they have become a very necessary part of living in the land of load-shedding. So from just wanting torches for my bike, I now have all possible scenarios covered and a very special caring friend who gives good honest advice. I'll never have to buy torches again, although that probably won't stop me. Julie Horvitch, Midrand

The only problems I have with your torches are the following:
 Once a person has purchased the correct torch from you, with your help and advice, there is nothing else they need. Good products sell themselves. 
Malcolm Pope, Port Elizabeth

I bought a few torches from Mark already. All of his torches are great just like him. Highly recommend both. Ivor Smith, Gordon's Bay

Mark was very quick to reply to my query and then offered huge amount of advice about his torches. He is very informed about his products and all round offers brilliant service. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Stephen Cruickshank, Noordhoek

A few weeks ago we went to our favourite escape in the 'berg, the Birds Nest in Loteni. It's a relaxed place where we give life’s niggles as little thought as possible but focus instead on what it is that produces peace of mind. We've both come to the conclusion that it's those things (and people) that you almost take for granted but can rely on when you most need them. Come rain, shine, happiness or disaster, your torches are always the first items we pack. From coast to 'berg they have been our mainstay. We keep the batteries charged so they've never failed us, and they are perfectly designed so we can adjust them to suit every situation. Even our very first torches from April 2014 are perfect – they have a lovely patina of age and the buttons work as if new. Our dear friends lost their roof and contents of their home during the recent tornado in Albert Falls, and our torches were the first thing we lent them. Fully charged, they were some of the most useful and welcome items they had until their power was restored. They lost a great deal, but somehow friends pull together and life carries on. So this is a thank you, a heartfelt thank you for the security and peace of mind we have when we walk the dogs nightly, visit our friends near or far, and when we alight from our cars – our torches are the first things that come to hand. We can rely on them... and THAT is real peace of mind. Paul Hildyard, Hilton

We have used the Vampire, Hunter, Blade and Panga torches for our security company. We purchased Vampires for our armed response division in 2014 and they are still going strong. They have never been sent for repairs and have never needed any maintenance. The quality of the light they produce is still the same as it was back in 2014. We purchased Hunters for our anti-poaching division in 2014 and they are also still in use. The Blades and Pangas were a recent purchase (about a year ago). I don’t regret any of the purchases we have made, and I would definitely recommend these torches. Thank you Mark for these awesome torches! Lisa Myburgh, Security Group, Empangeni

Hi Mark, as always your newsletter was an interesting and tempting read. I am torched out for the time being, but the good news is that I have educated some of my friends on what a proper torch is and one of them has placed an order with you very recently, so your newsletters do pay off! Tjeerd Greveling, Tokai

Of all the torches I've purchased from you, the top three that sit on my bedside pedestal are my Acebeam K40M, the Sofirn SP31 Hilt and the new guy, the Sofirn SP70 Beast. For me they are the three musketeers! Don’t get me wrong, every torch I have acquired from you has been a top quality masterpiece in LED technology, but one always has one's favourites. Burton Saunders, Linmeyer, Jhb

I've been looking for torches for years and, having worked in camping shops when I was younger, I was stuck on the more commercial brands although I had a feeling that I could do better. Then one day, on the Kruger Park Group on Facebook, someone asked where to find a good torch for lighting up the river to see animals? I wish I could go back to thank the person who said there's no better place than the TorchGuy. I started researching your site and became consumed by all the information on ANSI and real world throw, beam profile and much more, as well as the different torches. Finally it was time to make contact with the man himself to ask which would be the best for my use, even though I already had enough information to guess the answer. However the feedback I received provided perspective and new insights – which I hardly believed possible after reading the information on Mark's FAQ. He also didn't make me feel I had to buy a particular torch, which made the experience so much better. Once the sale had been processed it was delivered quite quickly – Mark kept me up to date throughout and followed up to ensure I was happy with my purchase. The experience I had from start to finish was phenomenal, and I think his torches are great value for money. I'm always looking out for the emails from Mark so I can learn more about torches – they are a great read – and I'm already looking at my next purchase. When you buy something from someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about their products it really encourages you to buy. I am so happy to share this review and to make my name public. As for Torchguy's marketing, they say word of mouth is the best and whenever I get a chance I am happy to share my experience. Graham Pampel, Johannesburg

I've been fortunate enough to purchase a few torches from you – the Sofirn Panga, Hilt and Guard among others – complete with LiitoKala chargers and Keeppower batteries. I love and treasure all of them but, believe it or not, the baby Guard is my absolute favourite and the most used of all! Deon Willemse, Heidelberg

I've been dealing with the TorchGuy for a few years – he will always give you honest feedback and recommendations so you get the best product for your purpose, even if it is not the most expensive. My last order was received in record time and with a note from Mark. Both products were properly packaged and arrived without damage. Mark made an effort to include his own well-drafted user’s manuals for both products, which were easy to read and follow. Maans Kaalsen, Bryanston

I would like to thank Mark for his great advice – I'm extremely happy with the three torches he recommended after hearing my requirements. I highly recommend sending Mark an email if you are unsure of what you want/need. Overall a great shopping experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Gareth Wooding, Northcliff, Jhb

Thank you for keeping your products interesting – I enjoy your newsletters immensely. I was in the USA a while ago and mentioned your website and torches, which raised some eyebrows – apparently a "torch" is the flaming stick Indiana Jones carried through his tunnels, and what you sell is called a "flashlight"! Whatever... I really like your website, the reviews and descriptions of your torches. I know you now have longer throwers than the old Crelant Hunter, but I still like mine and it outshines most of them when it comes to a shootout! When I bought one for my brother in Germany he really loved that it is "stufenlos verstellbar" (able to be dimmed smoothly, without steps). And super bright... Chris Trauernicht, Cape Town

I've bought several torches and headlamps from Mark, and there's something good to say about each one of them. But the thing I want to review is Mark himself. I keep buying torch after torch because of him! Yes, obviously he has good products, but it is the personal interaction and level of service that just sets him apart from anybody else that sells torches. If you don't believe me, try it yourself! Ivor Smith, Gordon's Bay

I knew that I needed a decent torch to scan the perimeter of my property, which is situated away from other houses. I found the Torchguy on the internet and, so that I could try out the torches I had in mind, Mark put me in touch with one of his other customers who turned out to be my neighbour! I chose one of those torches and paid the Torchguy, but Mark sensed that I was on a wrong track and recommended a different approach, namely the Sword Bundle of three torches which complement each other and cost me less than the one I had already paid for! When I received the parcel I was disappointed at how small it was, but after testing them I realised how misguided a person can be. I am very grateful for this turn of events, which provided me with the ideal solution to my actual needs, thanks to the professional approach of the Torchguy! Johnnie Kruger, Uniondale

I've just spent a weekend away in the Bonamanzi game reserve near Hluhluwe, where I put my torch and headlamp to good use. I am still impressed with the quality of light they give out. Really makes a game reserve visit better. Ian Shaw, Mount Edgecombe

I have now purchased five torches from you but still find myself drooling over the fancy models which you talk about in your emails. But enough of torches – I would like to review your newsletters! You have a talent for making the subject of torches really interesting and when you touch on other subjects, even fleetingly, they too move from the mundane to another level. Consider writing a book, I will pre-order. Boetie Muzzell, Hout Bay

To say that I am certifiable when it comes to purchasing tech is an understatement – I must have been through no less than 200 different websites and watched reviews for at least 30 different torches (probably around 5/6 hours in total), and ordered and returned two torches from other suppliers that just didn’t cut it and were more expensive. Mark was available with all the information I required and was interested in what I wanted to achieve from my purchase. He did not try to unnecessarily upsell, as others did, but rather introduced me to more practical and cost-effective options to meet my needs. He kept me in the loop from beginning to end, was interested in my experience once the product was delivered, and gave me plenty of extra information to better use and protect not only these two torches but also others that I already have. Cadeyrn Nelson, Knysna

I'm sitting on the stoep at the farm enjoying the cool evening breeze after a hot day. The Cape hares are gamboling around beyond the fence illuminated by my torch – the same one that allowed us to watch a lack-backed jackal stealing a dikkop from a Cape eagle owl last Friday night. The owl was not impressed and mobbed the jackal, all by the light of our wonderful torch. We often dream of visiting a national park – but we have the good fortune to be living in one, and every day and night bring their rewards. And thankfully we have Torchguy to bring our good fortune into focus. Steve Grounsell, Melkbosstrand

I now know what ICU stands for – "I see you" – without Torchguy we would never see anybody after sundown! Our latest order of torches has just arrived and now we're hoping the sun will disappear behind the planet so we can experiment with them. One of the fun things about receiving a new torch is that we are stripping in bed, as advised by you, so we don't damage anything that falls (I guess that will sound rude to somebody who hasn't heard of Torchguy?) Anyway, after we've been through your Operating Guidelines we hope to be in a position to see each other, and to receive our Torch Degree (Hons). Thanks so much for the prompt attention. Ron Brenner, Port Elizabeth

Sometimes we are slow as humans to give compliments and yet we complain so quickly – a world full of whingers! For this reason I felt it important to tell you that I think your writing is superb, Sir. Perhaps you don’t get told enough that your quirky emails are always fun to read and informative at the same time, so I thought I should just let you know that I for one, certainly enjoy reading Torchguy’s newsletters. I read them from start to finish every time. May your sense of humour never fail you Mark. Ross Malcolm, Sandton

Because I haven't been able to travel to the Kruger over the past year, my monster torches sadly got a bit of a rest. However, they have now been redeployed to light up the golf course, allowing myself and three mates to sneak off to the Royal Durban at 5:15 for an early bird game. True to form, the torches are performing incredibly, leaving other golfers in the dark. Many thanks for the great service Mark. Russell Laing, Umhlanga