As a business owner I'm constantly looking for lightweight, reliable and versatile lighting options. I recently received a NagApie headlamp and I LOVE it – it's a game-changer! With its dual-LED design it offers unparalleled performance for both close-up tasks, which my work requires, and outdoor adventures. It's been crafted from durable materials and features intuitive controls, while the headstrap makes for a secure and comfortable fit. The NagApie is my go-to choice in lighting and will get packed for every trip! Craig M Ford, Cape Town

I received the NagApie on Friday and tested it on the farm over the weekend… awsome! This is my new outdoor headlamp – powerful and very versatile. Thank you for your excellent products and service – you stay the No1 Torchguy. Ronnie du Plooy, Kathu

I have never been motivated to write a review about any product before, but this time is different. My wife and I have just returned from three glorious weeks in the bush in Botswana and I took my newest toy, the appropriately named HS20 NagApie. What a torch! The left-hand LED provides a broad, more yellow light that is great around the camp, particularly when the chops are burning on the fire, the wine needs topping up or Mrs Arkert's shower needs filling. However, while enjoying her shower under the African night sky, with the subtle left-hand beam of her Nagapie for company, Mrs Arkert was alarmed to hear something in the bush. Rapidly transforming the Nagapie into a blinding spotlight with the right-hand LED she was confronted by the staring faces of not one but three voyeuristic hyenas! As you can imagine it was the end of the idyllic shower and straight to bed! Only a few nights later I was happily putting things away in the back of the car, using the Nagapie as usual, when I heard a sound behind me. Once again I turned the right-hand beam to full power and not ten meters behind me stood a most beautiful leopard, blinded by the light. It went one way and I went the other to join Mrs A in the tent. After a short while we carefully stuck our heads out and used all the torches at our disposal to find the elusive feline – he was still lurking about, and we had a magnificent sighting. I can honestly say that if you only have one torch in your armoury, the NagApie is the best. It serves a multitude of purposes and I am thrilled with it. Jan Arkert, Wilderness

HS20 still going strong. I ran up behind someone in the pitch dark recently, and as I passed him he commented "nice headtorch". I said "thanks, I'll tell Mark" and then I smashed it onto turbo mode and ran away laughing like a hyena. Andrew Geel, Cape Town

As a geologist up here in north-eastern DRC I am thoroughly impressed by the NagApie! From late night walks to the gym here at the mine to reading books in my tent I make full use of both LEDs. The wider floody beam is perfect for office work and plotting maps when there's no other light source. The warmer tint is easy on the eyes and doesn't distort colour perception, which is perfect for braai-ing and looking at rocks after dark. The throwy beam is amazing – to have that much power strapped to your forehead simply can't be beaten. It's very useful for night cycling and even makes a good backup if the headlights on your vehicle fail and you need to get back to camp. Just ensure to do the lockout procedure when you put the headlamp in your pocket or you may need to invest in new pants, as I did! Brent Bowker, DRC

As you know I have an eye disorder called RP. In my case I have only 8% central vision and extremely low night vision. I recently bought the HS20 NagApie to see if it would help with my night walks. At first I was sceptical, but it soon proved me wrong. The variable power and beams, long battery life and comfy head strap all work well. The bright light slightly distracted my guide-dog but she adjusted within five minutes and our night walks are now a pleasure. The NagApie is great torch! Stan Faull, Gqeberha/PE

I spent the most wonderful two weeks in the Kruger Park last month. It was a bucket list holiday for me in so many ways. I had difficulty deciding which of my torches to take with me and ended up taking only three. The folk I was spending time with all had their own torches and headlamps. I offered the main braaier the use of my NagApie but he politely declined, saying he was very happy with his headlamp. I muttered “your loss” under my breath and he laughed. However, when we moved to a different camp, he discovered to his horror that his beloved headlamp had been left behind! That night he tried braaing while holding a flashlight under his arm – he only agreed to use my NagApie after I insisted... and he fell in love with it, so much that I thought I might not get it back! He said the weight, general comfort and incredible light – especially the brightness and combination of the two beams – made it a magnificent choice of headlamp. I felt so chuffed that he admired and envied my light 😂😂😂. Thanks Mark for your magnificent products. Sally Klem, PE/Gqeberha

The NagApie is an amazing head torch – I use it all the time when braaiing and especially when I'm on my boat or camping. It's incredibly bright and the dual lamps, mixing flood and throw, are awesome. I actually thought to myself, why didn't anyone think of doing this sooner? It's so effective! Mornay Sutherland, Gqeberha/PE

I invested in the HS20 NagApie for technical trail running after using (and returning) another highly rated headlamp which was let down by the blue tint of the beam, poor run-time on a set of AAA batteries, and high operating temperature. However the NagApie performs beautifully. I run the floody beam on medium most of the time and the spot selectively to pick out markers in the distance. The flood could cast marginally wider but it is more than sufficient for my needs, and the colour rendition is perfect for trail running. The head strap is comfortable and the torch doesn't bounce around at all – just one time when I was jumping over drainage ditches the strap slid off at the side, which was a minor irritant but one I would rather deal with than not have enough light. After the first charge, topping up the battery is quick, and after a forest run I managed to get two additional load shedding sessions out of the headlamp before it needed charging. Running on the road I had more than sufficient light and my running partner actually took her headlamp off after a minute on one of our runs. She didn't say anything but there could only be two reasons – either she was embarrassed or she didn't need it (I suspect both!) By the way, I went back to the original scene of the crime where I ran in the rain and mist with that other headlamp. I ran with the HS20 in the same conditions and had absolutely no trouble at all. Spread, throw, brightness, runtime and colour rendition are absolutely perfect, and leagues ahead of the *****. My NagApie is now getting used for every load-shedding session so it's certainly earning its keep! As for running, at least I know that light is one thing I don’t have to worry about anymore… thanks for all your assistance. Andrew Geel, Cape Town

I seem to begin every review of your torches with words like amazing, unbelievable, ridiculous, stunning, but there are no others to explain what I want to express! This little gem is something I could not have imagined. The headband is comfortable and ease of operation is so simple. Having dual lamps is brilliant. The flood of the light is what I love and having different levels of brightness is wonderful. The “dimmer” light is comfortably soft and absolutely perfect for indoor reading etc. And the “stronger “ light is insane! Of all my torches, it’s the floodiest and brightest of them all. To anybody who is thinking about acquiring this new headlamp – JUST DO IT! It's an absolute winner in every way. Sally Klem, Gqeberha/PE