I want to thank Mark for the advice he has given me in purchasing our flashlights for the farm. The C8L Panga is truly a very impressive flashlight and it works wonders when I patrol the farm at night looking for cattle. I have used the turbo function not to often because the high beam is very impressive but WOW, when they say turbo, they really mean it! Battery life is also very impressive on this torch. Alex Beck, Bokbaai Farm

The C8L Panga is fantastic! I've always used ******** so the Panga blew me away with its performance, especially given its size. It fits in my jacket or pants pocket, the beam and brightness really pack a punch, and the rechargeable batteries are a win! I used it around camp in Etosha to look for owls (being careful not to blind them) and it was brilliant. Dave Winter, Claremont CT.

I recently acquired the C8L Panga II to replace an aging fellow in my fleet of torches (it's just not possible to have enough light!) and what a deeply impressive torch it is – with a single battery the Panga comes close to my old ******* which had four of the same batteries. After the Torchguy's discount it's fantastic value for money. The children use it for playing in the garden in the evenings and for spotting buck on the property. It's a robust and all round satisfying purchase – a product I can highly recommend! Angus Findlay, Pietermaritzburg

I'm going to Khutse in Botswana in July – it's an unfenced camp in the middle of nowhere so I'll definitely be testing my Panga there! I'll let you know how it performs, and try to take a few photos of the torch in action. Once again, thanks a lot, quick and efficient service, I'll be happy to recommend you to anybody. Gustav Erasmus, Garsfontein, Pretoria

I've now used the Panga II (which you sent so quickly) every night since it arrived – it's far and away the best tactical torch I have ever had! It produces an incredible amount of light from a small, well-built package that fits easily in the hand and is a pleasure as an everyday carry torch. Having used it now in both urban areas (where it is superb!!) and in anti-poaching/stock theft applications, where it easily outperforms many large and hard-to-carry spotlights, I could not recommend it more highly as a brilliant tactical- and all-round flashlight for the security industry, as well as a fantastic torch for anyone who needs a lot of light. The build quality fills me with confidence that it will stand up to heavy use/abuse, as does your top drawer service. Thank you. We will order more. Dave Rissik, Prince Albert

I bought a Panga from you recently - it was advertised as being 30% brighter than its predecessor, which I had already given to three of my friends. This, however, has placed me in a quandary as those friends are now leaning heavily on me for upgrades! It's a great little security light that is my travel companion everywhere. Mark Drysdale, Rivonia

The C8L Panga I recently received as a gift has put a big smile on my face. The torch feels incredibly well engineered – it's lightweight but very sturdy and the rubber seals, charging-port cover and tail-switch cover feel like they will stand the test of time. The modes the torch offers are great for my needs. At lower intensities I can tail-stand it (in a glass) while at a braai, knowing I will get lengthy runtimes without it getting too hot, while I'm able to ramp it up to turbo should I want to see something clearly at longer range (often needed with petty crime in and around my area). I am still exploring the settings and modes, but for my primary uses, namely around the house, walking in the evenings and taking it to the bush for game viewing, it is such a great size and weight. Can't wait to take it on a night drive at some point and put it through its paces properly. Alex Acton, Green Point CT

I am beyond ecstatic about the C8L Panga – it's so handy, compact and powerful it's just unbelievable. My friends love it and it's taken torches to a new dimension for me. Thanks for all the help – I'm very happy and very impressed. André Naude, Constantia.

After waiting anxiously for the Panga to charge and the light to turn green I finally used it last night to walk the dog and do a farm patrol and WOW! It's my first proper torch, all the rest have been cheapies or Christmas-cracker toys, so this is something different and I now understand the hobby! This thing is super powerful for its small size and I am amazed at how much it illuminates. The user interface is easy and I love the fact I can recharge the battery without taking it out of the torch. Great service from the TorchGuy himself during the research, purchasing and delivery process – 10/10. Thanks again, very happy with the product! [Follow up two weeks later:] I just wanted to get back to you again, this thing is bloody awesome! I am so happy with it! I look forward to dog walks at night just because of this torch, and while everyone is complaining about stage 6 loadshedding I'm thinking how stoked I am that I can use my torch more, LOL. Ties Holthuis, Piketberg

Note the reviews below refer to the C8G version of the Panga, and those above to the C8L Panga launched in September 2022

When I was looking for a torch it had to be durable; small enough to fit in my pocket; with a high lumen count; some way to hang it off a shelf as a work light; dimming options to save on battery life; battery-status indicator so it doesn't run flat; long-lasting, replaceable and rechargeable batteries; and a pocket clip. The Panga ticked every box, bar the clip. I bought two of them more than two years ago and they have not flickered for a second (pun intended!) but have done their job every time, shining brightly. One time Eskom left us in the dark and my spouse used a Panga as a night light in the front room. Twelve hours later the torch was flat and I thought the battery or the LED would have burned out but, after charging the battery, the torch worked like magic, yet again! Are we happy to have bought these torches – you bet we are! And making this all happen was The Torch-Man, whose knowledge and helpfulness know no bounds. Thank you for bringing light into our lives. Mark van Wyk, Boksburg.

After about a month of use I'm comfortable recommending the C8G Panga to just about anyone looking for a quality tactical torch. After the novelty of a new tool wears off the test for me is whether I enjoy using it while getting other things done? With the Panga the answer is definitely yes – it's an absolute joy to use in just about any situation. Size? Perfectly comfortable in the hand. Quality? No question there. Output? Astonishing for its size. Range? You won't have any trouble spotting someone at 150m. This torch gets all the basics right. A bonus is tail-standing the Panga during loadshedding to bounce the beam off the ceiling – it really does light up a room! Just be sure to stand it on a firm flat surface as the rather small diameter of the tail won't keep it from falling over if knocked. If tail-standing is your primary use, consider the SP36 BLF Evo or another Sofirn flashlight with the "soda-can" form factor. All round the C8G Panga is a fantastic little torch that I'll be using for decades to come. Thanks to Mark who recommended it after I initially had my eye on a different torch! Len Stander, Cape Town

Just to let you know the courier service was very efficient – I received the Panga at midday Friday. Thank you for the instructions. With the battery charged I tried out the torch over the weekend and I am very impressed! It is certainly bright enough for my wildlife needs. I really like the adjustable brightness so that I do not blind the animals, and the size is perfect to fit in my fishing jacket when I am out on the game vehicle. I will give you a full run down once I have given the Panga a good test in Mashatu next month. Thanks again for your friendly and efficient service – a breath of fresh air!! Mike Haworth, Sandton

Wow – what a stunning flashlight! Solid as they come and the light is superlative. We walked around town on the first evening and, once it got dark, it was great – the vision is clear and concise. And on the second evening I confirmed that it really is a remarkable torch!! It's a beautiful piece of equipment and I’ll use it with pride. Your service and sentiments have also been superb. Thanks, Mark. Ed Poltéra, Gerardsville

You have not only made my day by sending me the Panga in such a short time, but you truly made my night! After giving it a proper workout in darkness I can only describe it as an indispensable tool for tactical as well as personal defence purposes! Part of the testing was to utilize a handgun with a 230 lumen Taclight in my shooting hand together with the Panga in my weak hand. I am of the opinion this is the best combination for any tactical situation where the use of proper lighting plays a crucial role. At one stage I accidently shone the Panga in strobe mode onto a window about 50m away and it reflected straight back leaving me totally disorientated! Although it was not necessary to replace the battery during this rigorous workout I think it's a good idea to carry a spare in case it is needed. It is certainly the best tactical flashlight that I have ever handled! John Dykes, Diaz Strand

We have just returned from game viewing in Botswana where my C8G Panga performed way above expectations. I used it for evening and night photography as it was way more powerful than the vehicle’s  spotlights – all the guests on the vehicle agreed! With this in mind I would like to purchase another as a gift. Mike Beder, Sandton

Just want to say that I am super impressed with the Panga. Tested in the yard where I had a bit more space and a gymnogene and roosting birds must have thought the sun had risen early. Serious power. Very nice feature too with the switch that tells you the state of the batteries. Ernst Jacobs, Botrivier

I have had an opportunity to test the charger and the torch, and I am thoroughly impressed with both. The Lii-402 charger is definitely an asset as it pointed out a few dud batteries that I had, and charged perfectly those that are still good to go. My old torches do not measure up to yours, so apples could not really be compared, but the pears did at least provide a point of reference. My new Sofin C8G Panga cuts through the darkness and lights up my backyard so I can see much more than before – I am well pleased! When we went camping, the moon was very bright so the vlaktes were already quite well lit, but the Panga produced a clear line of sight, cutting through the moon’s rays to make the other end of the field visible, about 150–220 metres away. Now I will have to start saving for a headlamp as it would have been quite useful during our camping trip! Again, thank you very much for your service delivery and the quality of the torches you provide. Tjaart de Beer, Derdepoort, Pretoria

My Panga was delivered the day after I paid for it which is very good service, thank you so much! This is the second Panga I've bought – the first was for my company but this one is for myself. I cannot emphasise enough just how impressed I was with the first one, but Sofirn have pulled out all the stops because they have definitely improved on it!! Louis Nel, Strand

I couldn’t be happier with the Panga – a truly amazing and versatile piece of gear! Even on half power the Panga makes a room bright enough to read throughout a load-shedding cycle. But its real joy shines through in the great outdoors – on a beach or in the bush, this is the torch to make your friends envious and your enemies visible. I’ve even used it underwater to check if there really are trout in a dam! So many super things it can do, including the disabling strobe and the SOS, not to mention its ability to go from blinding bright to night-vision dim using the intuitive settings which are extremely helpful out in the wilds. Somehow I just feel safer when I have it with me. Richard Smith, Melville, Jhb

Once again it was a unanimous decision to buy another lot of torches from Mark the Torchguy. This batch of torches are off to Gauteng where they will be used by our officers in the field. The reason I say "unanimous" is that we consult with our officers and supervisors on what we use in the field – equipment that is reliable and, if needs be, will receive after-sales service (we haven't had any problems so far). We've been using these torches for a couple of years now and they still light up like new. Thanks again for a great product in the Panga! Vincent de Beer, Gotya Protection Services, Park Rynie

I was recently in the Kruger with a friend. He brought along his large game-drive spotlight and charging pack. We stayed up on a hill overlooking the Oliphant’s river. The hand-held spotlight threw a pretty decent beam allowing us to view animals 100m away in the river valley, but it soon became apparent that on high and on turbo the Panga threw a beam further and brighter than his 30,000 lumen spotlight! The Panga is about an eighth of the size. I'm happy to hear that my friend has contacted you about buying a torch – the Panga sold itself! Clinton van Loggerenberg, Cape Town

Just to say a very big thank you for the fast, super friendly, helpful service I got when I placed my order for the Panga. The torch was with me within two days of ordering it. I charged the battery, went into my garage, closed the door and put the torch on. This torch is brilliant!! It's like daylight, or someone shining a spotlight on you. It's amazing. Brighter than bright. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much again for all your help. Cindy Chandler, Mandini, KZN

Thank you again for the excellent service. I have lost count on how many units we have taken from you with accessories. The Panga torches are well received by our staff and we have had no issues. The small hiccup we had with customs was handled in a professional manner, and we were informed every step of the way what was going on. Once again I would recommend the Torchguy to anyone serious about quality torches. Vincent de Beer, Gotya Protection Services, Park Rynie

I had the opportunity to use my Panga this weekend after we had a security alarm scare at 12.30 on Saturday night. This torch is a gift from above! The distance and clarity of light was much more than I expected. I could see thin security wires under dense trees, and anything else I wanted to see. I would recommend this torch for anyone who wants a light for more than just peering at things – with the Panga you can see objects without having to strain your eyes. Thanks Mark for your advice. Louis Nel, Strand

Although we received the Panga in time for my husband's birthday we did not get together as we were self-isolating. Our grand-daughter’s teacher contracted the dreaded Covid and all the children in her class were sent home, and we all needed to self-isolate because she had been close to us. After ten days we got together last Sunday to celebrate his birthday and Father’s Day, and he was absolutely thrilled with his torch. In his own words – I LOOOOOVVVVE it! Love the green light that comes on to find the button. The clarity of the light is incredible. Love the new battery. Also love the charger for two batteries. It's all 100 percent! Marg Haagman, Walkerville

The C8G Panga is quite startling as a thrower – it’s a bit of a lightsaber! Tailstanding this torch on medium brightness lights my bedroom enough to read with ease. Having this torch along with my SC31 Pro Detective means I can laugh in the face of loadshedding! The only bad thing about the Panga is that it makes it harder for me to justify buying the BLF LT1 Lantern, although I'm sure I'll find away around that. Thank you for bringing light in these trying times. Justin Neff, Claremont, CT

I had the best weekend testing out the Panga in the Kruger National Park – it's in a class of its own! The four different brightness settings make it very valuable around the fire as well as when you are trying to find those eyes in the bush – it does both seamlessly. The 'turbo' mode is just fantastic – I could spot things in the bush I didn't think were possible. Overall, it's just a fantastic torch for an even better price – I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thanks again for your help and assistance, it's much appreciated and really made a difference. Wian Wenhold, Silver Lakes, Pretoria

Thought you would like to hear that our son is thrilled with his C8G Panga. He loved reading all the information you forwarded to me, too. He used to carry a number of different torches while herping, but now just carries yours – this tells you everything. It's perfect in size and weight, and more importantly perfect in application and strength of light. Very chuffed. Thank you, too, for your help in guiding us with the choice of torch – we are very happy with our decision. Bronwyn Lumb, Calitzdorp

My Sofirn C8G Panga arrives at noon on a Cape Town late summer day. Small enough to fit comfortably in the hand but with some heft – the kind that suggests high-quality materials and great build quality. It looks and feels great. I read the manual and Mark’s comprehensive tips and guidelines, charge the battery and wait for nightfall. I am impatient, but I hold out until the children are tucked in bed and it is dark. I step onto the deck, from where I look down into the City Bowl, and press the tail switch. A beam of brilliant white light shoots out of the Panga and up into the night sky, creating a searchlight beam. It takes me a moment to regather – my brain simply can’t compute that this small torch can produce a beam so powerful. My very own light sabre! I shine the torch up and down the street in front of my house. The beam illuminates with a barely believable brightness. A lovely focused beam surrounded by a ring of less-bright light, covering a fairly wide area around the central beam, excellent for picking up and following movement. A stop-street sign about 150m away lights up brightly. No wonder it's named the Panga – it's a weapon, and I haven't even engaged turbo mode yet! I press the thumb switch to cycle through the brightness modes. Super easy to operate. I have always had an affinity to torches. I have a drawer full of basic flashlights and headlamps. I made huge use of my old ******* when I dragged it up a 7,000m peak in Nepal. A good reliable torch. But the Panga is a different creature entirely. It is like a werewolf – it can be gentle and friendly, easy to get along with even. But come the darkness, it has the potential to turn into an absolute beast, a creature that owns the night. I love this torch. We recently took it to a game reserve. On high mode, the Panga cast a beam every bit as illuminating as the searchlight on the game vehicle. It was simply amazing. And it wasn't long before people on the game drive were asking to see the torch. Could they try it out? Was this some sort of military-grade tool, unavailable to the public? Did I get it overseas? It’s a torch. A relatively small torch. No one should get that excited about a torch. But everyone does. Clinton van Loggerenberg, Cape Town

So after our first experience with the Torchguy we decided to order another lot of Pangas. Once again the service went beyond what one would expect – we were updated from beginning to end. Our goods are currently in transit and even the courier has explained he is a bit late but will deliver today. By the way, our first lot from nearly a year ago are still as strong as the day we got them. “You're pretty fly… for a Torchguy!” Vincent de Beer, Gotya Protection Services, Park Rynie

It's been a week now since I got my Panga – just thought I would send you a quick note to say thanks. The torch is awesome and way more than I expected. Thank you for your time chatting to me and answering my questions patiently. Will definitely promote your business as far as I go. Hein du Plessis, Centurion

My Panga arrived the very next day – I was expecting it would take a good few days! I held back on writing a review until I had explored the torch but I can now say I love it in all aspects! It's a much nicer size than my old torch even though it's more powerful, more handleable and has a stronger battery. I may get another! Bryan Bartley, Mouille Point, CT

So after the brilliant service and great torch I received from Mark the first time I asked him to send me a C8G Panga and, once again, received the torch promptly and without any problems!! The Panga is an awesome little torch that gives proper light and fits perfectly in the cubbyhole of my bakkie. Thanks again for the great product and service Mark!! Mark Mason, Nelspruit

At first I was a little disappointed about the brightness of the Panga, but after charging the battery and following your operating instructions I certainly changed my mind and I just love this torch – especially the brightness and clarity of the centre spot! The Panga is most certainly a very good upgrade for a 15-year-old American torch which is not much used because of the cost of batteries, so the fact that your torches have rechargeable batteries is another thing we’re VERY happy about! Pierre Jordaan, Pretoria

The C8G Panga delivers outstanding performance for such a small package – for the amount of light it puts out anyone would be hard pressed to find somthing better on the market at this price point. Kyle McLaren, Pretoria

Your torches are not from this world, you have to use them in the dark without starlight (like where I am) to appreciate their sheer power. Magnificent! My two Sofins – the SP31T Blade and C8G Pangas – compete for first place but they always end up in a draw with their powerful beams, reliability and battery power. I'm glad I have a spare battery, even though I've never needed it – one lasts forever! Bruce Bekker, BB Security Services, Umhlanga

After a solid charge as you advised, the Pangas were dispatched to their new sites. One is a industrial site next to a bush and dam. The officer using it has only praise for the Panga – he uses it on dim and bright settings. The second torch is being used at a vehicle storage yard. Here the use is mixed – the officer checks his surroundings first and then lights up the area with this little beast. Both seem to run for a long time between charges. Extremely happy! Vincent de Beer, Gotya Protection Services, Park Rynie

I recently purchased two Sofirn C8G Pangas from Mark at TorchGuy.Com. My criteria were a thrower with a high-lumen output that was small enough to be comfortable for my 13-year-old and myself to use, while still being serviceable when venturing to the various game parks with which we are blessed in SA. The Panga really delivers – in fact I could not find another torch anywhere that could do all the above for the price... none came close! I’m not going to get into the technical details – Mark covers them comprehensively on his website – but what is noteworthy is that the information he provides is accurate, in real world terms, and delivered in a way that is fun to read and easily understandable. The whole buying experience was a pleasure! Cadeyrn Nelson, Knysna

I got the torch yesterday – it's a powerful tool, wow, very nice! Thank you for the great service – this will not be my last torch. Stanford Moncho, Pretoria

When I was researching torches on the internet I did not pay much attention to the C8G because it is so small. It was only after I accepted TorchGuy's recommendation and received my Panga that it struck me that the compact size is one of its most beneficial features, delivering a mighty punch of light from a torch that fits in the palm of your hand and is scarcely noticeable. It confirms once again the value of doing your research but also listening to the professionals. At about 150 metres one can see someone lurking around, at 80 metres you will easily identify them, and at 35 metres I believe the light would be bright enough to read a newspaper! Just shining the torch around the perimeter lets anyone passing by know that the fence is checked at odd times of the night – the comfort this gives me is hard to put into words but is very real. We are fortunate to be given electricity blackouts so we can check our torches and come to appreciate their features and facilities, and what they contribute to real-life situations. I believe that, for my actual needs, I have received the best available torch! I cannot express my appreciation enough for the guidance and suggestions I received from the Torchguy. Johnnie Kruger, Uniondale

I'm very impressed by the Panga! It's small enough for everyday carry and strong enough for farm work. We went camping this past weekend and the Panga was put through its paces – I was able to identify wildlife through the binoculars at 300+ meters (I checked the distance on Google Maps!) The battery lasted the whole weekend, and was only at 50% when put on charge on Sunday night. Thanks for all the support in the buying process. Zander Roetz, Cookhouse

Received my torch last week, very pleased, great quality product and the brightness is incredible! James Loudon, Cape Town

Thank you, I am back and wish I had the Panga with me while I was away! I tested it briefly last night in the garden – I may have scared off the local wildlife! It's smaller than expected – which suits me just fine – and it's also very easy to use. I like that it has three standard brightness levels in addition to the “turbo” which is quite potent... and will only be used for real emergencies! The width of the beam is brilliant… using a really narrow-beamed spotlight every night for the last week nearly drove me mad! Duncan McKenzie, Nelspruit

The Panga is an absolutely stunning torch – and quite a beast! This new generation (to me, anyway) of LED torches is astounding – the central hot-spot is so clear, with no artefacts, and the throw is ridiculous! Such fun! The functionality is more complex than I’m used to, but quite intuitive so it won't be long before I'm proficient. Thanks again for such wonderful, personalised service. I do think I made the right choice, largely due to both your kind help and the thorough, informative nature of your website. I would, and will, recommend you in a heartbeat. Justin Neff, Cape Town

The Panga is a little shorter and stubbier than my previous Vampire which, along with the rough grip, makes it easier to hold. It feels good in the hand and looks special. The side switch is cleverly placed to make it easier to find in the dark, and it lights up to show the battery condition. What I haven’t tested is the waterproofing, apparently to two meters for as long as 30 minutes. It also has heat-sensing capabilities so, if it gets too hot, it reduces the brightness to avoid overheating. The torch delivers four light levels and a strobe, which you adjust with the side button. The only (little) annoying thing for me is that the user manual is printed so small that even with my glasses on I can’t read it (a tip from me – take a photo with your cellphone and enlarge it to read). All in all this is a great buy! Tim Smith, Hout Bay

Received my C8G Panga on Friday, tested last night. Great product! Would definitely recommend, and the service was excellent. De Villiers van Niekerk, Jeffreys Bay

The Panga is superb! On our walking trip in the game reserve we had a stunning full moon, but after it set it was really dark – and the Panga became incredibly handy to chase away an inquisitive hyena that was less than a meter from my sleeping daughter! The torch works perfectly and is really simple to adjust through the different settings. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery, and for your advice and assistance in pre-charging the batteries. All in all it was a fantastic experience, thanks to your knowledge and passion for shedding light on dark situations. Gavin Thom, Edenvale

Panga torch arrived safe and sound – battery charged and torch wonderful – all I expected and wanted thanks! Dave Hensman, Umhlanga

Sjo, I must say, in comparison to what I owned before, you lit up my life – the difference is remarkable. I am thoroughly impressed. The C8G is all that you said. If I could recommend only one flashlight, this would be it. It has the ability to reach those dark corners of the fence-line while still being able to light the braai area without eye-numbing brightness. Truly a great all rounder. Martin Mulder, Pretoria

This is just a quick note to let you know that the C8G Panga that I bought some six weeks ago has satisfied all my expectations. It is a really powerful torch which might be best suited for neighbourhood watch but certainly works for home security and general use around our property. The 200 meter beam that is delivered from such a small torch is really something to marvel at. I have enjoyed using the Panga so much that I am thinking of buying the SP36 Evo as a present for my wife who celebrates her birthday shortly. Then we shall both have quality torches and it won’t be necessary for her to borrow mine! I will be in touch. RG, McGregor

My only working torch at home was a 20 year old American-made D-Cell "baton" and I was looking for a replacement with a bit more power. I bought the Sofirn C8G Panga on the strength of reviews I had seen but I really had no idea what to expect – I've not had a modern LED light to compare it to. Firstly, the build quality is obvious – this is not a toy, it's made to work hard and fight dirty. Everything just feels properly put together. It weighs a fraction of my old beast and is a pleasure to carry around. The beam is incredible – at maximum setting it's like broad daylight – clean white light leaving nowhere to hide. I can easily see why these are the chosen tools for security and neighbourhood watch patrollers. Overall this torch exceeded my expectations – an excellent product and great value for money. Keith Scott, Cape Town

The Panga is far better than I imagined. The clarity of the light and the strength of the beam is well beyond any other torch I’ve looked at. The functionality is great and very user friendly. Thanks for the great service and product. Greg Gardner, Parktown Jhb.

Charged the battery late last night and walked outside to test my new C8G Panga. Amazing wide flood with a focused centre – very impressive for its size! I was outside for about three minutes when my wife called from the bedroom (she was already sleeping): "What are you doing?" The bright light outside woke her up – she must have thought it was morning ;-] David Prinsloo, Stellenbosch

Just wanted to say thank you for recommending the Panga. Was able to test it last night and this thing is insane!! Best quality light of any torch I’ve owned. Very happy with it!! JB, Stillbaai

C8G Panga received – all good and working 100% as you promised. Tested it out against some trees in the distance and illuminated them well – couldn't do it for long as there was load shedding at the time and it would freak out the neighbours! And thanks for your email which goes into more detail on how to use the Panga – very useful!! John de Graaf, Cape Town

My initial “first touch” impression of the Sofirn Panga torch is that it fits easily in hand – it’s light and small enough to carry around comfortably without needing to balance yourself with a barbell in the other hand. When I think back to those super long, heavy torches from yesteryear which were describe as being good as a bludgeoning weapon :-o. I love that technology has moved on and the Panga comes with a rechargeable battery AND I can plug the charger into a USB port – this is a major bonus in my world, saving the environment from countless disposable batteries. The Panga looks like it will be able to take knocks and bumps associated with camping, and I love that it can stand on its tail and act as a free-standing light source. Stephen Cruickshank, Noordhoek

Love this torch. Brilliant (literally!) The C8G Panga is so good it makes me look forward to loadshedding! I'm seriously pleased. Jim Stockley, Pietermaritzburg

Panga is a great name for this little light-sabre. I just like single LED torches with throw and this one does it better than any other, and in a really small package. With the new 21700 battery and ramping user interface this torch is perfect! Mark it is always a pleasure dealing with you. Keep up the good work and continue to light up SA while Eskom can't. Jaco van Wyk, Rustenburg

My wife does not normally let me out after dark, but she made an exception tonight to allow me to test-drive my new Panga! My overall impression is very favourable. My first reaction was that I would happily swap some of the flood for a narrower and longer central beam, but then had to concede that my game-spotting days are long gone and that the wider coverage is better suited to my present antiquated lifestyle. In short, I'm very happy with my new Panga, thank you. Mike Southall, Fish Hoek

The C8G Panga is an ideal size between larger multi-cell units and the smaller pocket torches. The beam is broad enough while still offering ample distance, and there's plenty of grunt on the "turbo" setting. The dual switches work well, and with the tail-switch off there's no risk of accidental activation. I'd say it is very good value. Andries Visagie, Vanderbijlpark

Now that I have had a bit of time to “play" with the Sofirn C8G Panga, here is what I think of it. The torch has a nice feel to it and sits comfortable in one’s hand. It appears strong and should stand up to fairly rough treatment, although time will tell. It is easy to use, and the brightness settings are easy to adjust. The light output on turbo is amazing, with a very good throw. I like the fact that it not only gives one a good distance in the centre but also a very broad beam. Graham Robinson, Kokstad

Just some feedback on the C8G (Panga) I recently purchased from you. This has become my favourite torch, without a doubt! It lives on my bedside table as my go-to light for pretty much any situation requiring illumination. I was awoken a few nights back with water spraying over my front drive – some thirsty individual decided he needed my garden tap more than we did. I'm very aware of the dangers of running outside at night to attend to problems but, with a Panga in my hand I must say I felt a lot safer (albeit a false sense of security?) It truly is an amazing product. The punch offered by such a compact torch amazes me every time I have the pleasure of using it. Brian Turner, Port Elizabeth

Mr Panga did not disappoint! I spent some time outside with the dogs looking for dassies on the neighbour's walls, but then things got a bit too cold. Will be out on duty again tonight though! Thanks for the great service and generous discounts Mark – much appreciated! Burton Saunders, Glenvista Ext 5

Mark, your new tactical torch from Sofirn, the Panga, is very good quality and has an excellent beam, longer than the torch it replaced in your range. After a few nights it keeps surprising me – I was using it the whole night on turbo mode while I was working in an industrial area with no streetlights, and there was still power in the battery at the end. I'll show it to my colleagues in the security industry – I think they will be very jealous! Chris Schoeman, Boksburg