We received the Precious on Friday – it definitely looks as though it will meet our requirements. We really like the various brightness settings and especially the red LED lights to help fend off the little critters. The adjustable tint is magical – we really like the super-warm tint and I can see that it would probably also be very beneficial in buggy areas. Also the fact that it switches back on at the last brightness setting is a big attraction. We will be putting it to the first real test when we go camping and will then provide some real-world feedback. Richard Leverton, Pinelands CT

I ordered three Precious lanterns for myself and my children. When they arrived last night my husband was overcome with light envy. After he found it had a red light setting he could barely contain himself. He also couldn’t believe the reading light power. Discovering that it had a directional beam as well nearly finished him off. He was standing next to the light while it was charging with a sad look on his face, testing all the different combinations of light options. I am afraid that I have to order one for him as well. Alison Lewis, Oranjezicht, Cape Town

Fabulous design and functionality. Love it. Roger Funwake, Cape Town

I wanted to let you know that the “super-cute and clever LT1S Precious lantern” that you sold me has turned out to be such a winner that I am ready to order a second one! The light is warm without being blinding, yet somehow still manages to fill a room perfectly. This one is a real winner Sir! Ross Malcolm, Fourways

My Sofirn LT1S lantern has been awesome! During loadshedding it provides a comforting warm white light that lights up the whole living room, and on any given night it's on my bedside table for when I need a bit of light to find my way to the bathroom or to my son's room. I've even had my sister-in-law comment that it's a perfect size, and that she likes the warm light compared to a huge bright white lantern she received from her father. To my surprise, she has even said she'd appreciate it as a birthday gift! Ricky Coelho, Ferndale, Randburg

Now this is one helluva piece of kit! It's not cheap but it's tough and compact, and you can adjust the tint to suit your preferences. Once you get the hang of the switching (I engraved a summary of the rules on the bottom of the lamp) it’s an atmospheric accoutrement to any outdoor camping or braai situation. I can easily dim it down to a warm candle glow, and ramp it right up when I'm looking for my head torch! Recently I left my Precious hanging in a tree near our firepit when we went away for the weekend... and found it 48 hours later, still shining in the tree! I love this lantern so much that I ordered another for a good friend who helped with the music at my 60th. He too loves this little lamp and even had a whole unplugged band practice during loadshedding with the Precious as their only light source! Mark Thomas, Mowbray

Received my lantern, many thanks. Charged up the battery and played around a bit last night. It looks very good – ideal for our camping trips and coping with load shedding. Graham Robinson, Kokstad

Haven’t used the lamp much yet but love it for its compact size and adjustable brightness. The availability of red light is also very useful. Will be ideal for camping. I usually use a headlamp but this will be excellent for showering at a campsite, where there is no electricity, as a headlamp has some shortcomings for such use. The ease of charging is also great i.e. no wire permanently attached to the lamp. The real test will be when we have load shedding again. Waldemar Wellmann, Northcliff

This is a precious solution to many problems! When I asked Mark to please advise me on getting some light into my life during load shedding, the LT1S Precious made perfect sense to me. Not only does this little handful of technology light up an entire room, it's also the perfect light for board games (in our home, Scrabble comes out when loadshedding arrives). If I adjust the Precious from 360 degree illumination to 180 degrees it casts the perfect light onto the board, with just enough rear lighting to reach for the score-pad and liquid refreshment. When I showed off little wonder to my wife she was over the moon not to have to rely on hissing and spluttering gas lights any more. Even when we have electricity the Precious makes the perfect dining table decoration at a low setting for ambience – my mom was bowled over when I put it on the table. Stunning compact design, quality and flexibility – I have ordered another two. Diether Etzel, Scarborough