Thank you for buying a torch from me.

You will find instructions in the box but please note the following VERY IMPORTANT points that can affect your warranty, your pocket or even your health:

  • Battery polarity: it's essential to instal your batteries the right way around in the torch and charger. Putting them in the wrong way around can cause damage and could conceivably cause a fire. This counts as "misuse" and is not covered by the warranty. For more, see my Li-Ion Taming page here.
  • Unprotected batteries: these are less common than the "protected" type, but if you have them it's vital that you don't run them down too far or they will be trashed. When the beam flashes, remove the batteries from your torch and charge them before too long. They don't carry a warranty, so a mistake will cost you!
  • Standby mode: there's usually a difference between "standby" and "off" – please take the time to work out which is which on your torch. In "standby" your torch will continue to deplete your batteries and there's a greater risk of the torch turning on accidentally – with unpleasant results which, again, are not covered.
  • Overheating: your torch is powerful and can overheat under certain circumstances. Please make sure there's enough air movement to cool it and that it doesn't get too hot to hold comfortably. Allowing it to overheat also constitutes "misuse" and – guess what – it isn't covered by your warranty!
  • Submersion: your torch is waterproof as long as the torch is tightly screwed together, and the o-rings are in good condition and properly lubricated. But it's important not to switch the torch on or off while it's under water – the change in internal temperature will suck water past the seals. However water damage is not covered by your warranty because the factory can't verify the circumstances.
  • Impact: all my torches have been tested for impact resistance, using the method laid down by ANSI, and passed. However, just like waterproofing, this specification is not guaranteed because the manufacturer can't confirm what actually happened – they simply dismiss these claims as mis-handling. Sorry.
  • Modification: this doesn't only apply to a guy with a soldering iron in his hand – opening your torch where it is not supposed to be opened, or putting the wrong kind of battery in it, are enough to get the chaps at the factory to shake their heads when I ask for approval of a warranty claim.

I know this makes it sound like the warranty is worthless but that really isn't the case – these situations are extremely rare. Anyway, speaking for myself, I'd rather have these landmines drawn to my attention before I step on them.

Finally, please note that I do not accept responsibility for any kind of consequential loss, damages or injury – so if your torch causes a forest fire or your USB charger kills your laptop, the most I can offer is my sympathies.

On a more positive note, all of my torches have great features which may not be immediately obvious – it really is worth reading the manual, and practicing how to use these features so you don't have to fumble in the dark at a critical moment. However, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me – anytime!