My new SC32 Sarge came in handy on voting day, 29 May. I was a party observer for the vote count which started at 9:15pm and was finally completed just after 4am. At about 2am there was a blackout and the Sarge in my jeans pocket provided immediate light which helped until power was restored about 15 minutes later. I take it with me whenever I expect to come home after dark. I have one of your larger torches in my car for emergencies but the Sarge is ideal when away from the car – not having to carry a heavier torch is a great advantage. This little torch certainly delivers big-torch performance when required. Chris Green, Greenside Jhb

The Sarge fits neatly into my fist when toggling the tail switch, although I suspect people with large hands might fumble a bit. The USB port makes charging a breeze – no more having to strip the battery out and clip it into a loading station. After a brief charge (during a non-load shedding time!) I was ready to take command of the darkness outside. The 900 lumens "high" is pretty bright and even the mid setting of 450 lumens works well when scanning the tall trees around my backyard. The lower settings of 90 lumens and "moonlight" are better suited to indoors in my opinion. A double tap on the tailswitch brings up “turbo” and provides a solid wall of light at a measured 50 metres. Turbo is obviously pushing this torch to its limits and you notice heat build-up in the lens region quite soon. For those who require some tacti-cool in a torch, three rapid presses of the tail switch brings strobe lighting into the arena. The beam is a neutral white flood with no hot-spot – the green colour of the trees around the house was clearly discernible, not washed out as with some LED lights. I'm happy with the spread, brightness and colour of the beam – no super long distance viewing here, but you can bank on a good 60-80 meters. Other than that, the Sarge will cover all the typical daily – or rather nightly – duties you would expect from a larger torch. The mass is almost not noticeable in your pocket and the mid 450 lumens setting has most urban applications covered. The Sarge makes the ideal back-pack torch, farmer’s pocket buddy and addition to any kit of necessities. It's not cheap but you get a solid piece of engineering and a good set of beam options. It's hard not to like this torch and it should be one of the first purchases for anyone venturing into the land of modern LED torches. Christian Seifert, Uitenhage

I’m very happy with the SC32 Sarge, as I knew I would be after I bought one for my ex wife a year ago (she loves it, by the way) – the beam profile and simple user interface are perfect for an EDC. I was looking at other brands but, to be honest, I always come back to you and Sofirn. Their ethos, quality-to-value ratio and your wonderful, personal service have made me a customer for as long as you keep doing what you do! Justin Neff, Claremont, CT

Aramex tried to deliver yesterday at 9:30 but I was unavailable, so they delivered this morning instead – a good crowd. The Sarge is a great little torch, I am happy! My older Detective has been working beautifully for the past year. Great quality products and excellent service from yourself! Rory Freeman, Plumstead, CT

Still enjoying my Sofirn “Sarge 2” purchased about six months ago. It lives next to my bed and is my go-to torch if I do not choose a headlight. It's light, small and compact with a powerful punch if needed, and it can even be used as a hand-warmer now in winter 😜. Wayne Butler, Uitenhage

Just received my new SC32 Sarge – what a treat, small enough to place in my jeans pocket but such a lovely strong beam. As always such good service from the Torchguy. Anthea Pingo, Nelspruit

I now truly understand the meaning of "Dynamite comes in small packages". I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I first looked at the size of my new SC32 Sarge. As you know, I have a C8G Panga that I consider to be the best tactical torch I have ever handled, and will always use. After charging the battery of the Sarge I put it through its paces and found the following:
- It fits into the palm of my hand, inside my shirt, and in the money pockets on my trousers without any bulky definition.
- By leaving the lanyard hanging out of a pocket the torch can be retrieved in no time.
- All the functions are controlled through the single tail switch, which simplifies the use of the torch.
- I was amazed by the strong beam emitted by this little Sarge.
- I used the strobe function against a white wall about 15 meters away and the flashback was strong enough to disorientate me!
- I am of the opinion that the Sarge is perfect as a small tactical light in most situations.
I would like to thank you once again for your good advice and prompt response. Your personal guidelines make things a lot easier. Small things like your red sticker on the box, warning me not to try and open the device at the tail, meant a lot to me as I am always over excited and may make mistakes. My appreciation and thanx to Mrs Torchguy for the testing and packaging of all orders. I salute you both for your excellent service and products.
John Dykes, Mossel Bay.

The reviews below refer to the SC31T version of the Sarge, recently upgraded to the shorter SC32 (reviewed above), which delivers similar performance. The SC31T is still available for those who prefer a slightly bigger torch.

The SC31T is exactly what I wanted to mount on my shotgun – lights up my whole garden! Phillip Oellermann, New Hanover, KZN

Got my SC31T Sarge on Friday afternoon and freakin love the thing!!!!! It just feels right in the hand. Love the tactical switch at the back and the build quality is amazing!! Been playing with it the whole weekend (thank god you know I'm talking about the torch) – even had to ask people to return it a couple of times Saturday evening at a braai. People always ask, "why do you carry a torch?" Well Saturday evening proved why! Thanks again for the amazing service. Izak Joubert, Pretoria

Last night my wife and I compared the Sarge against her ******** and my ******** torches. The Sarge is definitely in another class and I will recommend it to anybody! It is however important to read your clear instructions carefully and practice with it until it becomes second nature. I would once again like to thank you for the excellent service and your personal support and guidance. The way you are doing business should serve as a benchmark to others. John Dykes, Mossel Bay

I am really pleased with my new Sofirn SC31T Sarge. I live in a suburb that just cries out to take our little dogs for an evening trot but there are quite a few dark areas where the dogs can disappear while walking. However I no longer have to search for them – this torch is a godsend and worth every rand it cost. Also, after the locals have been in the pub and are returning home in their cars, the Sarge is so bright that they stop, or at least slow down, when they see the beam. My other torches are too bulky to carry on the street but not this little high-tech light which I carry in my chest pocket. I just love it! Jeff Griffiths, Umhlanga

The Sarge is an awesome torch. It’s about the same size as a ***** ** but to my mind brighter. The four usual modes of operation are nice and varied. The low mode is not too bright for walking around a darkened house (I try not to use lights often, just from the point of view of security) while the brightest of the four levels is bright enough for a full view of my garden, which is almost 2,000sqm. Shone in someone's face this fourth setting would be blinding, and I'd probably roast some retinas if I tried it on the turbo mode! Activate turbo and you'll see very far – farther than one needs in most tactical situations. Both the torch and the pocket clip are robust. The best thing about the Sarge is that you can set it up to come on at whatever level you choose – tactically that’s important. With respect to size it fits easily in a pocket but is not so small that you're fumbling to hold it. A very important feature for me is that I can TOTALLY disable the torch by loosening the tailcap a bit, so the torch cannot activate until I tighten it again. If you do this when you're travelling, and the torch is in a bag, you will never pull out a torch with a flat battery. The Sarge has become part of my EDC gear and that says a lot – I have plenty of torches to choose from but this one just feels right. My EDC stuff is extreme in reliability because I've used a lot of it to get out of tight corners – too often for my liking, but that’s just karma. It’s about trust and minimalism. Love the torch. Highly recommended. Dr Alan Carlston, Cresta, Jhb