This category includes torches with ANSI beam distances of more than 400 metres and real-world throws well over 100 metres. To understand the difference please see my FAQ here, where you will also see (in the section on beam profiles) why delivering light over long distances, and seeing far-away objects, are not same thing.

The ideal beam profile for game-watching and hunting has an intense hot-spot and a pale spill – like my budget-level SP31Tii Blade, my compact high-tech L16 Evolution, and the iconic K70 Apollo.

However if you combine a broad beam with a long throw you get the perfect torch for security and search-and-rescue, leaving suspects or victims nowhere to hide. Once again I have a great selection for you including the extraordinary K30 Energy, the refined K40M Squire, the volcanic Q8 Quad and my flagship X65 Saturn.

I also stock the unique B158 Bullseye which has an adjustable beam so it offers both flood and throw – although not at the same time – as well as access to a wide range of specialist modules and accessories for hunters and game-watchers.

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